Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2012 by Various Artists

Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2012

by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:16:23


1.Fabric of Spaceby 19914:04
2.Covenantby Aashton & Swift5:37
3.Mutron Melodyby Acid Pauli2:56
4.Caves of Paradiseby Actress4:15
5.Tell Me (What's on Your Mind)by Allah-Las3:32
6.Sleeplessby Andy Stott5:50
7.Defaultby Atoms for Peace5:16
8.I Want to Blow Your Mindby Auntie Flo1:58
9.Cloud Hallby Austin Cesear5:10
10.Other Peopleby Beach House4:25
11.Tape Hissby Behling8:27
12.Headacheby Benjamin Damage5:51
13.Youby Bicep5:35
14.Dirtyby Bottin7:41
15.Roninby Capracara5:20
16.Evidenceby Carlos Giffoni8:03
17.V1by Carter Tutti Void10:04
18.Drawby Cid Rim3:45
19.Erlangen Polkaby Cults Percussion Ensemble3:30
20.Tigepathby Cupp Cave3:42
21.Taste (Special Request remix)by Daniel Avery6:02
22.Cafe Obscuroby Daniel Maloso5:40
23.Saint Nothingby Daniel Rossen4:50
24.Ye Yeby Daphni6:05
25.Northby Darling Farah4:07
26.Technology at the Speed of Lifeby Diamond Version7:36
27.About to Dieby Dirty Projectors4:01
28.Inby El_txef_a3:56
29.A Cold Dayby Essáy9:03
30.Straight and Arrow (Four Tet remix)by FaltyDL7:04
31.Our House Stabby FaltyDL4:27
32.Talk With My Bodyby F.A.Y.3:12
33.All the Secretsby Flying Lotus1:57
34.Pyramidby Four Tet8:27
35.Moveby Gidi5:26
36.Nickels and Dimesby Gonjasufi3:50
37.Oblivionby Grimes4:11
38.1210_08_4+by Grischa Lichtenberger3:04
39.Sun in Your Eyesby Grizzly Bear7:07
40.Stars Down to Earthby Heatsick7:58
41.(W) Hereby Holy Other3:49
42.Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)by Ital7:52
43.Jasmine (demo)by Jai Paul4:14
44.... Now We Relateby Jam City9:13
45.Primetimeby Jan Jelinek11:08
46.In Her Cityby Jets4:50
47.Indigo Mechanix (3d)by Jimmy Edgar6:00
48.When the Past Was Presentby John Talabot5:06
49.Powwowby Juju & Jordash6:02
50.Marienbadby Julia Shammas Holter5:25
51.Au Seveby Julio Bashmore6:33
52.Studio3by Karenn5:41
53.Glacier Mountain Descentby Konx-om-Pax2:30
54.Lost in Tokyo (Jacques Green remix)by Koreless6:59
55.Romooneby Kyoka3:51
56.Carcassby Laurel Halo4:33
57.Fetchby Les Sins5:24
58.Warstonesby Letherette4:36
59.Crystal Caverns 1991by Lone4:51
60.Windows of Vulnerabilityby Lorenzo Senni5:31
61.Modern Drivewayby Luke Abbott5:33
62.USSRby Lukid4:00
63.Safe and Sound (and Okmalumkoolkat)by LV2:59
64.Cuba Electronicby Mala4:37
65.SOA-2by Mark Fell8:43
66.Red Dancersby Martyn5:45
67.Bellsby Mi Ami6:50
68.Twelveby Mo Kolours2:56
69.Schwarzer Schwanby Mohn6:17
70.Glow Holeby Nathan Fake7:56
71.Bless Moonby Nefertt4:40
72.587by NHK'Koyxeи4:49
73.Eclipse/Blueby Nosaj Thing4:29
74.A1 (and Nils Frahm)by Ólafur Arnalds7:05
75.Ulyssesby Om Unit4:00
76.Signal Lossby Pariah3:56
77.[untitled]by Pearson Sound5:57
78.Your Cast Will Tireby Raime5:31
79.Black Technicianby Robert Hood10:57
80.Foxglissandroby Sam Willis6:07
81.Motor Cityby Sand Circles3:28
82.Bad Boysby Sano4:43
83.Punchby Seams4:25
84.Flux (Martyn's Electromagnetic mix)by Sei A6:25
85.Xby Sensate Focus11:20
86.Anniby Slime4:05
87.Apologiesby S_P_A_C_E_S5:21
88.Apocalypse Dreamsby Tame Impala5:57
89.Ballibatby Taragana Pyjarama7:08
90.Motif (Actress #! remix)by Teengirl Fantasy6:45
91.Wings (Floating Points remix)by The Invisible7:25
92.Bypassby The Traveller7:08
93.Bugg'nby TNGHT3:26
94.You Wish You Were Redby Trailer Trash Tracys3:52
95.Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)by Trimbal4:14
96.Cocouaby Uner9:29
97.Multi Ordinal Tracking Unitby Unspecified Enemies5:31
98.Flexibleby Untold5:30
99.The Crumblingby Valgeir Sigurðsson5:21
100.Abandoned Silence (and Ryuichi Sakamoto)by Christopher Willits4:31