Blondie mp3 Album by Blondie
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:31


1.X Offender3:15
2.Little Girl Lies2:08
3.In The Flesh2:33
4.Look Good In Blue2:56
5.In The Sun2:40
6.A Shark In Jets Clothing3:40
7.Man Overboard3:22
8.Rip Her To Shreds3:23
9.Rifle Range3:42
10.Kung Fu Girls2:33
11.The Attack Of The Giant Ants3:34
12.Out In The Streets (1975 Demo, 1994 Mix)2:22
13.Platinum Blonde (1975 Demo, 1994 Mix)2:19
14.Puerto Rico (1975 Demo, 1994 Mix)2:07
15.The Thin Line (1975 Demo, 1994 Mix)2:27
16.Once I Had A Love (A.K.A. The Disco Song) (1975 Demo, 1994 Mix)3:58
17.X Offender (Original Private Stock Single Version, 1976)3:14
18.In The Sun (Original Private Stock Single Version, 1976)2:39
19.Scenery ('Blondie' Sessions Outtake, 1976)3:09
20.In The Flesh ('The Best Of Blondie' Special Mix, 1981)2:30