Blow My Fuse mp3 Album by Kix

Blow My Fuseby Kix

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 40:57


1.Red Lite, Green Lite, Tnt3:57
2.Get It While It's Hot4:27
3.No Ring Around Rosie4:38
4.Don't Close Your Eyes4:18
5.She Dropped Me The Bomb3:51
6.Cold Blood4:19
7.Piece Of The Pie3:51
9.Blow My Fuse4:03
10.Dirty Boys3:45
For the life of me I've never understand why Kix were lumped in with the rest of the "hair metal" bands of the 80's. To me "hair metal" denotes pretty boy, style over substance, musically bankrupt bands, and there were many of those, but Kix was (are) just a great rock band that any fan of rock music would have enjoyed in any era. Do yourself a favor and just check them out.