Bon appétit mp3 Single by Katy Perry

Bon appétitby Katy Perry

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  • 3:47


1.Bon appétit (feat. Migos)3:47
Great new tune from Katy Perry, this one doesn't take a Dylanologist to decipher the lyrics. Like most songs with food for analogies this one is about sex f course and perhaps most specifically of the oral variety. While the lyrics might be at times trite, Perry always manages to seduce with her vocals and her convincing delivery works well with the bouncy melody and suggestive theme. The production kind of nods to the older 80's dance tunes with the busy in-the-background synth strings, and recalls early Madonna. The only complaint I might have is the lack of need for the Migos' verses in the middle. The song is strong enough to exist without them and they're so short they don't add much to the tune.