Bonkers mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkersby Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:34


Disk #1

1.Toytown (and Sharkey)by Hixxy4:54
2.Party Time (remix) (and Eruption)by Dougal4:11
3.The Wizard of Oz (and Ikon)by Hixxy2:16
4.Thumperby Hixxy4:16
5.Steam Train (and Hopscotch)by Dougal4:27
6.Together Forever (and Bananaman)by DJ Hixxy3:50
7.Love of My Lifeby Dr. Who3:40
8.On Top (Hixxy remix)by A Sense of Summer2:26
9.Hold Me Now (Bass D & King remix)by Highlander2:18
10.Like a Dream (feat. DJ XD)by Bass-D & King Matthew3:35
11.Bust the New Jam (remix) (and Eruption)by DJ Seduction3:05
12.Step to the Sideby DJ Seduction2:46
13.Calypso Summer (and DJ Quatro)by Vinylgroover3:38
14.Airhead (Smd remix)by Brisk3:41
15.Let the Music (original mix)by Eruption4:34
16.Funfair (Exclusive remix)by Force & Styles4:27
17.A-Ha Ha Haby Hixxy3:16
18.Now Is the Time (Hixxy & Trixxy remix) (and DJ Rab S)by Scott Brown3:48

Disk #2

1.Truth (and Sharkey)by Alas Smith5:16
2.All Systems Goby Force & Styles3:18
3.Burn This Joint (Tekno Dred & Helix mix)by Terrible Twins3:52
4.Rainbow Islands (Sharkey mix)by Seb4:27
5.Outside World (vs. D-Zyne & Supreme)by Billy Daniel Bunter3:32
6.Teknostorm (Sharkey mix)by The Vampire3:11
7.Is There Anybody Out Thereby DJ Ham4:25
8.Tweedledum (and Bananaman)by DJ Druid5:07
9.Feel the Heat (and Sharkey)by Sy3:00
10.Bonkers Anthem (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid3:32
11.Around the World (remix)by A Sense of Summer4:23
12.Pumpin (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid4:10
13.Rocket to the Moon (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid3:53
14.Frantic (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid5:28
15.Revolution (Slipmatt remix)by Sharkey5:17
16.On & Onby Brisk4:24
17.Wonderlandby Force & Styles4:11

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Dj Phelan Fine
This album was the reason i fell in love with happy hardcore and is a must have for any hardcore fan. Brings the best of 90's bouncy techno to your speakers and if its what you love it makes you want to buy the next album in the series. Some must have tracks have to be Steam Train by Dougal and Step To The Side by DJ Seduction. Plus in the mix with Hixxy and Sharkey you have them scratching and beat matching with proper vinyl.... There is no other sound like it!!!