Bonkers 13: Hardcore Horror Show mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 13: Hardcore Horror Showby Various Artists

  • 77 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:44:55


Disk #1

1.E-Creation '94by Q-Tex2:29
2.Detonatedby Scott Brown2:17
3.Take Me Away (Slipmatt's Bangin' remix) (and Cru-L-T)by Jimmy J2:05
4.Sample Maniaby DJ Seduction2:28
5.Take Me On Upby Dougal & Mickey Skeedale0:45
6.Hardcore Feverby Kevin Energy1:41
7.Wham Bamby Kevin Energy2:15
8.Get It Rightby Helix3:22
9.Critical Heights (Hixxy remix)by Sy & Unknown3:22
10.Shout Now (Hixxy & Sharkey remix)by The Timespan4:40
11.Do What You Like (The Rez Anthem)by Scott Brown1:30
12.Euro Coreby I2U2:03
13.All Systems Goby Force & Styles2:14
14.Euro Stompby I2U2:25
15.On and Onby Brisk & Ham3:43
16.All I Need (original mix)by Visa3:22
17.I've Got a Feelingby DJ Demo4:08
18.Virtual Dreamsby Elevate3:54
19.Body Slamby Bang the Future2:25
20.Eyeopenerby Brisk & Trixxy2:03
21.Andromedaby Scott Brown2:25
22.Welcome (and UFO)by Hixxy2:48
23.Turn Up the Musicby Scott Brown4:25

Disk #2

1.Overdrive (Exclusive Bonkers mix) (feat. K Complex)by Sharkey3:22
2.D1A (CLSM remix)by Jon Doe2:57
3.Black Noticeby AMS2:43
4.Adagioby K Complex5:12
5.Blazing Gunsby AMS4:12
6.London-Helsinki Underground (K-Complex remix) (feat. DJ Proteus)by Kevin Energy3:17
7.Dreams (AMS remix)by Two's Company5:51
8.Hardcore Revolutionby AMS3:29
9.Future Dimension (and Stormtrooper)by Robbie Long3:41
10.Jump 2 da Grooveby DJ Ham4:53
11.Just One Moreby Cris E. Manic3:37
12.Taste the Funkby Visionary4:08
13.Back With a Venganceby In Effect2:37
14.Chemicals in Motionby V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.4:47
15.Kill Bill (and AMS)by Robbie Long3:55
16.Overdoseby AC Slater3:51
17.Dazed & Confusedby AMS3:34
18.Bonecrusherby V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.4:21
19.Girby Oli G4:25

Disk #3

1.Rock da Beatby Scott Brown5:49
2.We're Droppin' This (Plus System remix) (vs. Scott Brown)by Hyperbass3:56
3.Rock It Like Thisby Sy & Unknown2:44
4.Let's All Get Downby Plus System4:23
5.Pro'to*plasmby Scott Brown3:09
6.Neckbreaker (Sy & Unknown remix)by Plus System4:33
7.Taking Drugs?by Scott Brown4:12
8.Rock That Bodyby Plus System3:39
9.Only Your Love (Scott Brown remix)by Insight4:01
10.The Reasonby Q-Tex5:06
11.In Your Lifeby Brisk & Ham3:36
12.Rock the Part-Eby Endymion3:47
13.Don't Fuck With Thisby Scott Brown3:52
14.The Prophecy Unfolds (The Playah remix) (feat. Tommyknocker )by The Viper3:05
15.Have It Your Wayby DJ Nosferatu4:34
16.Punchdrunk (and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.)by Brisk4:06
17.A Few Momentsby Scott Brown3:09

Disk #4

1.Really Love You (Dougal & Gammer remix)by Dougal & Mickey Skeedale4:54
2.Heaven on Earth (feat. Jenna)by Dougal & Gammer5:28
3.Back 2 Frontby Gammer3:12
4.Right Hereby Re-Con4:20
5.Still the One (feat. Lisa Marie)by United in Dance5:39
6.The Theme (feat. Darren Styles)by Hixxy6:01
7.Find Your Wayby Jess2:38
8.Get Hype (Scott Brown remix)by Dougal & Gammer3:06
9.Through the Darkness (Dougal & Gammer remix) (feat. Jenna)by Mickey Skeedale4:20
10.Makin' Me Wanna Dance (Sy & Unknown remix) (feat. Lou Lou)by Asa & S13:23
11.Silver Dawnby Euphoria5:30
12.Xtremeby Dougal & Gammer5:50
13.Getting Better (feat. Lisa Abbott)by Darren Styles5:05
14.Be Happyby DJ Ham3:47
15.Night Flightby DJ Uplift4:08
16.Close Your Eyesby Mickey Skeedale3:24
17.Substance (feat. G Spencer)by Gammer4:31
18.Drifting Away (feat. Stefan B)by CLSM4:17