Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Back mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Backby Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:52:05


Disk #1

1.All I Ever Wanted (feat. Lenny) (and Sunset Regime) (and Supreme)by Ramos5:43
2.Something to Believe (feat. Shelly)by UFO4:39
3.Baby I Know You're Mine (and Chris Henry)by Recon4:27
4.Memories (Plus System remix)by Scott Brown4:40
5.Heaven in My Heartby UFO5:55
6.Power & The Gloryby GEOS6:28
7.Crazy Love (Styles & Breeze mix)by Brisk & Ham4:44
8.Set You Free (Hixxy's Bonkers remix)by N-Trance4:03
9.Believe (Styles & Breeze mix) (and Hujib)by Frisky5:23
10.Pretty Green Eyes (Hixxy remix)by Ultrabeat4:39
11.Getting Betterby Darren Styles4:47
12.Fly With Youby Scott Brown5:29
13.Rock Ya Hardcore (Hixxy remix)by DJ Kurt4:36
14.Dark Like Vader (feat. MC Storm)by Styles & Breeze4:22
15.Open Up & Look Insideby Hixxy4:53
16.Let Me Hear Yaby Gammer3:44

Disk #2

1.Tracktionby Ephexis1:54
2.White Stuff (Kevin Energy remix)by Kevin Energy5:32
3.Perpetuateby Ephexis3:23
4.Frenzy (Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM remix)by Jon Doe4:11
5.Damage (and Jon Doe)by Sharkey4:53
6.Bodyslam (Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM remix)by Bang the Future3:47
7.Addictzby Stormtrooper4:28
8.Hardstyle Beatzby Ams4:20
9.Rock n Roll (Kevin Energy remix)by Double Decka5:24
10.Freedom (Kevin Energy remix)by Social Outcast4:23
11.De-Humaniseby Arkitech4:29
12.Echelon (and AMS)by K-Complex2:55
13.Under the Influenceby Arkitech4:07
14.Show Me the Wayby Ams3:12
15.Got Yaby Gammer2:56
16.Let's Get Rockin (feat. MC Sharkey)by Gammer4:54
17.Bounce to da Beatby Ams2:57
18.Wakey Wakey (feat. MC Ethos) (and AMS)by Robbie Long4:28
19.Serious Hardcore (Vagabond remix)by Brisk & Ham4:39

Disk #3

1.Bassline of the Centuryby Plus System5:09
2.Neckbreaker (Plus System remix)by Scott Brown2:34
3.Be Happy (Brisk & Vagabond remix)by Eclipse3:46
4.Make You Freakby Plus System3:06
5.Into the Futureby Gammer4:57
6.Rock You Softly 2005by Scott Brown4:21
7.Serial Killerby Scott Brown2:55
8.Rhythm Machineby Plus System2:33
9.Call My Name (and DMO)by Scott Brown4:45
10.You're My Angel (Scott Brown remix)by Styles & Breeze4:45
11.Just Walk Away (and DMO)by Scott Brown2:55
12.Blow da Club Downby The Viper3:52
13.Break Free (Scott Brown remix)by Tekno Dred Alliance4:02
14.Shogunby Tommyknocker1:16
15.Do You Like Bass (Tha Playah remix)by Evil Activities2:26
16.Enemyby Scott Brown2:22
17.To You Who Doubt Me (Tommy Knocker remix)by Evil Activities3:49
18.Fuck You Upby Scott Brown2:33
19.Fuck Your Styleby Scott Brown4:29

Disk #4

1.Drive Me Crazy (feat. Lisa Marie)by Dougal & Gammer5:21
2.Testing 1,2by Dougal & Gammer4:22
3.Oxygen (Styles & Breeze Exclusive mix)by Styles & Breeze2:35
4.Count the Hoursby Transit5:05
5.Part Time (Essential Platinum remix) (and Eruption)by Dougal3:54
6.We Need More Coreby Ultravibes4:44
7.Shining Down (feat. Jenna)by United in Dance4:10
8.Make Noiseby Dougal & Gammer4:47
9.Mars Atxby Deadly & Gammer4:49
10.Lift Me Above (feat. Lisa Marie)by United in Dance4:57
11.Raise Your Handsby DJ Seduction2:05
12.Feel This Way (and Gammer)by G Spencer2:37
13.Getting Highby Brisk & Ham3:29
14.Welcome 2005 (Hixxy remix) (feat. DJ UFO)by Hixxy1:54
15.Need Your Emotion (Hardcore remix) (and Jon Doe)by Billy Daniel Bunter2:35
16.Express Ur Selfby Cobalt & Heffer3:53
17.In the Houseby Mickey Skeedale2:26
18.I Know (and Hattrixx)by DJ Vibes2:27
19.Ready for Warby Gammer3:56

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