Bonkers X mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers Xby Various Artists

  • 49 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:34:53


Disk #1

1.Thou Shalt Not Forgetby Hixxy1:15
2.Bullet in the Gun (Hixxy remix)by Planet Perfecto5:48
3.Punkby UFO4:40
4.The Beat Kicksby Styles & Breeze5:23
5.Underground (feat. Marley)by UFO6:20
6.Pretty Green Eyes (Hixxy, Styles & Breeze remix)by Ultrabeat4:48
7.Summer Sensationby Hixxy5:12
8.Jam the Nightclub (remix)by Dougal & Gammer4:57
9.Future Shiningby Styles & Breeze5:29
10.Come Into My Dreamby DJ Weaver6:17
11.Nu-Beginningby DJ Stompy4:05
12.Tekno Harmony 2003by Sy & Unknown5:06
13.Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles remix)by StarGazer4:37
14.Starlightby Dowster5:45
15.Wonderful Life (feat. G Spencer)by Dougal & Gammer2:37
16.Hardcoreby UFO2:46

Disk #2

1.Kinda Funkyby DJ Ham4:47
2.Don't Stop (feat. Sharkey)by DJ Ham3:40
3.Get Hard (and Robbie Long)by DJ Ham2:56
4.Sound of the Futureby CLSM4:41
5.Liberationby CLSM4:02
6.Outta Controlby K Complex3:26
7.Music Powerby Dair & Devastate5:07
8.Ain't No Stoppin' This (and DJ Phosphor)by DJ Justrich4:05
9.Twist of Faith (vs. Shanty, Tazz & Concept)by Social Outcast4:27
10.Fuckin' With da Frequencyby Kevin Energy3:45
11.The Futureby Fade4:59
12.Acid Dreamsby Scott Majestik2:32
13.The Other Sideby Fade4:12
14.Pilgrim (Kevin Energy & K Komplex Nu Energy Collective remix) (vs. Scott Brown)by Bass-X4:29
15.Revivalby Marc Smith4:24
16.Body Groove (and Stormtrooper)by Social Outcast4:51
17.Freedom (feat. Carol Sharland) (and AMS)by Sharkey5:21
18.Give Yourself to Meby Marc Smith4:23

Disk #3

1.Dehumanizeby Scott Brown5:00
2.Commenceby Plus System3:54
3.Sunrise (feat. VIsion) (Dougal & Gammer remix)by Overflow4:49
4.I'm in Heaven (feat. Donji)by Scott Brown4:05
5.The Saga Continuesby Scott Brown3:44
6.This Is Hardcoreby Scott Brown3:54
7.The 6th Gateby Dougal & Gammer5:05
8.Hardcore Hustlerby Interstate5:28
9.Synthetic Dreamsby Scott Brown4:58
10.Back & Forth (and Brisk)by Scott Brown4:58
11.Earthquakeby Art of Fighters3:48
12.Life or Death (vs. Scott Brown)by Hyperbass3:37
13.The World Is Mineby Tommy Knocker3:14
14.Tha Bounceby Tha Playah2:49
15.How Else Can I Say Itby Scott Brown4:18