Bonkers 9: Hardcore Mutation mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 9: Hardcore Mutationby Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:29:13


Disk #1

1.Set You Free (Hixxy remix)by N-Trance3:56
2.Connection (and Marley)by UFO5:02
3.Sonicby Styles & Breeze4:54
4.Go Widda Flowby Dougal & Gammer5:27
5.Heart of Gold (Hixxy remix)by Kelly Llorenna5:37
6.Here We Go (and Uprise)by Dowster4:06
7.Field of Dreams (Hixxy remix)by Flip & Fill4:31
8.I'm Readyby Antisocial3:45
9.Breakaby UFO6:10
10.Fire in the Skyby Dougal & Gammer5:35
11.Oxygenby Styles & Breeze5:35
12.If That's Alright With You (feat. Lynn Eden)by Insight2:59
13.New Sensation (feat. Kelly) (and Fade)by Brisk4:53
14.Wonderful Days (Hixxy remix)by Starsplash4:01

Disk #2

1.Crazy Styles (Vinal & Devotion remix) (and Blackout)by DJ Energy7:13
2.50,000 Watts of Hardcore Power (feat. Devastate)by Robbie Long6:15
3.Crescendos of Ecstasyby Kevin Energy4:52
4.Wanna Be a DJ (feat. Just Rich)by Kevin Energy5:14
5.Hardcore Frequency (feat. Orion) (Ethos remix)by Simon Apex4:14
6.Technorockerby Kaos & Ethos5:18
7.Retro Rush (and Fade)by Brisk5:13
8.Party Zone (feat. Dan Devotion)by Ethos4:40
9.Unlock Your Brain (and Kevin Energy)by Brisk5:52
10.Visions of Infinity (feat. Kevin Energy, K-Complex, Just Rich) (Sharkey & Kevin Energy remix)by Sharkey4:17
11.The Deviantby Marc Smith3:33
12.Delusion (feat. K-Complex)by Sharkey4:56
13.Mind Control (feat. A.M.S.)by Sharkey5:00
14.Beast of Hardcore (feat. Tazz & Concept)by Shanty4:44
15.Terrabeat (feat. Sharkey)by Devastate4:54

Disk #3

1.Neck Breakerby Plus System5:08
2.Here Comes the Noiseby Double Dutch4:04
3.Definition of a Bad Boyby Hardcore Authority5:29
4.Bring Me Round to Love (VIP mix)by Sy & Unknown2:56
5.Rock You Softlyby Scott Brown4:02
6.Get Hypeby Dougal & Gammer4:01
7.Turn Up the Music (Breeze & Styles mix)by Scott Brown5:16
8.Like an Angelby Q-Tex4:45
9.You're Shining (Scott Brown remix)by Styles & Breeze5:29
10.Take a Final Breathby Plus System4:23
11.Distort Overload (vs. Markos 13)by DJ Ruboy3:22
12.Feel the Beats Bangby Q-Tex4:12
13.Hit 'emby Tha Playah3:39
14.Ghostsby Scott Brown4:32
15.Do Not Attempt (Sukkaz) (and Brisk)by Scott Brown5:09