Bonkers 15: Legends of the Core mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 15: Legends of the Coreby Various Artists

  • 75 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:58:47


Disk #1

1.On Fire (Hixxy remix)by Dreadhed5:37
2.See the Light (Sy & Unknown remix)by Paradise3:48
3.Dance Meby Heaven-74:20
4.Love Comes (and Re-Con)by Hixxy4:20
5.Life on Life (Squad-E remix)by Headtrippers5:25
6.We Can Do This (and Re-Con)by Hixxy4:44
7.Spending My Timeby Frantic & Resist5:17
8.Trance Sect / Lost Generation (Kevin Energy megamix)by Scott Brown4:32
9.Promised Land (Squad-E remix)by Access 34:36
10.Enjoyby Re-Con4:45
11.Speak of Loveby Heaven-74:20
12.Screamby Wizzkid & Gammer5:38
13.Pull Overby Re-Con3:56
14.Out of My Hands (Squad-E remix)by D-Code5:12
15.21st Century Rush (and Storm)by Gammer3:41
16.Gonna Take U Highby GEOS4:12
17.Love Gardenby Styles & Breeze5:23

Disk #2

1.Ascending Angels (Inst)by Sharkey6:06
2.Hold the Beatby Cube::Hard3:18
3.Anger Ball (Kevin Energy remix)by Carbon Based5:21
4.Spatial Inversion (vs. Ephexis)by Oli G5:30
5.Life Is a Construct (vs. Double Decka)by Arkitech4:15
6.Never Say Die (and Arkitech)by Sharkey4:58
7.Intensifyby Ephexis3:59
8.See You on the Other Side (vs. CLSM)by Cube::Hard2:10
9.Pump It Up (vs. AMS)by Ethos2:45
10.Take Controlby Fergus Mayhem3:15
11.Count of Threeby DJ Ham2:03
12.Raise It Up (Kevin Energy remix)by Sean Apollo5:25
13.Working Up a Sweatby DJ Ham4:55
14.Go Insane (vs. Kevin Energy)by AMS4:13
15.Suck My Rock (vs. K Complex)by Kevin Energy4:26
16.Lazerbeam Addict (vs. Stormtrooper)by Sharkey4:13
17.Pumpin' Religionby Sharkey4:46
18.Bring on the Noise (vs. Sharkey)by Marc Smith4:57
19.Take the Blameby Dreadhed3:16

Disk #3

1.Nocturnal Rituals (feat. MC Justice)by Tommyknocker4:51
2.Capital Murderby Scott Brown4:09
3.Motherfucker (Scott Brown remix)by Bass-X3:21
4.Twistby Tommyknocker3:55
5.I'll Get Youby Scott Brown4:29
6.Fasten Your Seatbeltby Scott Brown5:02
7.Dominationby Tommyknocker4:29
8.This Is How We Do It (Scott Brown Hardcore mix)by Plus System4:18
9.We Don't Stopby Scott Brown4:29
10.A Way of Life (DJ Promo remix)by Masters of Ceremony3:24
11.Skullcrack (DJ Dione remix)by DJ D2:14
12.Never Fall Asleep (feat. MC Alee) (and DJ Panic)by Evil Activities4:54
13.Exlxax! (Neophyte & Evil Activities remix) (and Lancinhouse)by DJ Jappo2:59
14.The Mineby Ophidian & Tapage3:41
15.Time to Make a Stand (Neophyte & Evil Activities mix)by Hardcore United4:40
16.Back on Track (feat. DJ Neophyte)by Evil Activities3:43
17.One of These Days (and Evil Activities)by DJ Neophyte3:42
18.The Future Priests of Now (vs. Lenny Dee)by Neophyte5:13

Disk #4

1.Tell Me a Story (feat. Lisa Marie)by Dougal & Gammer4:37
2.Rock the Dancefloorby Dougal & Gammer3:42
3.Reflections (and Gammer)by G Spencer3:03
4.Detonated (2005 remix)by Scott Brown2:45
5.Open Your Eyes (feat. Lisa Marie)by Dougal & Gammer4:43
6.Dopest DJby Ultravibes2:01
7.My Star (Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. remix)by Adam Harris2:06
8.The Undergroundby Dougal & Gammer3:35
9.All the Tears I've Cried (feat. Jenna)by Dougal & Gammer4:23
10.Accorbationby Ultravibes1:50
11.Rock That Bodyby DJ Seduction2:42
12.Sensory VIsion, Part 2 (feat. Ant Johnson)by CLSM3:08
13.Dropzone (Bonkers mix)by Darren Styles4:15
14.A New Feelingby Gammer2:06
15.Things You Do (Gammer remix)by Eclipse3:17
16.Now It's My Turnby Gammer3:31
17.Show Me a Sign (feat. Jennifer Bolton)by Cube::Hard2:23
18.Tripodby Dougal & Gammer2:54
19.Heeyby CLSM2:24
20.Gir (Arkitech remix)by Oli G3:59
21.Let's All Say Fuckby Gammer2:13