Brilliant Trees mp3 Album by David Sylvian
  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:50:58


1.Pulling Punches5:02
2.The Ink In The Well4:30
4.Red Guitar5:12
5.Weathered Wall5:44
7.Brilliant Trees8:43
8.Red Guitar (7'' Mix)4:23
9.Pulling Punches (7'' Mix)3:04
10.Weathered Wall (Instrumental)5:46
11.Words With The Shaman - Part I - Ancient Evening5:11
12.Words With The Shaman - Part Ii - Incantation3:30
13.Words With The Shaman - Part Iii - Awakening (Songs From The Treetops)5:17
14.Bamboo Houses (7'' Mix)4:15
15.Bamboo Houses (12'' Mix)5:27
16.Bamboo Music (7'' Mix)4:36
17.Bamboo Music (12'' Mix)5:40
18.Forbidden Colours4:42
19.The Seed And The Sower5:03
20.Last Regrets1:43
21.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence4:31
22.Father Christmas2:08
23.Forbidden Colours (Version Ii)5:59
I bought this when it first came out in 1984, after the split up from his previous group Japan. Sylvian was on top of his game when making his first solo album. It's best stuff that he ever did with Japan mixed with all his influences including atmospheric ambient and jazz. On a different level than your average 80's pop act. Throughly recommended.