Buddha All Night Long mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Buddha All Night Longby Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:29


1.I Have a Dream (I Have a Lounge Earth Kitchen's Mix)by Precious Lounge Express3:05
2.Dinamite (Earth Kitchen's Lounge Mix)by Look Right3:16
3.Documento (Santorini Lounge Mix)by Santorini Sunset3:12
4.Bad (Bad Chill Mix)by Precious Lounge Express3:03
5.Childsplay Good (Earth Kitchen's Good Mix)by S.A.G.L.I.A.2:43
6.All I Want Is You (Country Chill Mix)by Precious Lounge Express3:15
7.Contrario (Contrario Lounge Mix)by Clouds Contrast2:58
8.Goodbye (Like a Sexy Lounge Mix)by Attilio Casati3:06
9.Disco Salsa (Independent Lounge Mix)by Nigel Scott2:58
10.Step by Wrapped (Drink This Way Mix)by Otis King3:09
11.Turi Turi Ye (Clifford' the Lounge Mix)by The Red Lounge3:09
12.Night Love (Girl Can Have Mix)by North Town3:02
13.Kb (When Sexy Clifford Mix)by Magic Mike2:32
14.Push the Button (Chill Mix)by Karmo3:02
15.Subway Station (Martini Tunes Mic)by G Tunes3:03
16.Heal the World (Green Chill Mix)by Precious Lounge Express3:02
17.A Night in Venice (Venice Mix)by Cee Jazz3:05
18.Emblematico (Green Spice Mix)by Pastilla Blanca3:14
19.Busy Day (On Sofà Mix)by Rolf Boss3:03
20.Hotel Milan (Chill Short Mix)by August van der Meer3:09
21.Area Li (B Team Edit Mix)by The B Team3:07
22.Sig (Magic Chill Mix)by Magic Mike3:01
23.The Bionic Man (Bionic Lounge Mix)by Blake Bakker2:57
24.Prayer (Short Edit Mix)by Himalaya3:03
25.Nothing New (Secret Perth Mix)by Mondial Beats3:15