Bullets & Desert Blooms (2018 Re-Work) mp3 Album by Electro Spectre

Bullets & Desert Blooms (2018 Re-Work)by Electro Spectre

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:38


1.You Push for the World (Re-Worked)3:12
2.Your Love Is a Criminal (Re-Worked)3:16
3.Heartbeat (Re-Worked)3:29
4.As Long as It Pays (Re-Worked)3:07
5.Superstar (Re-Worked)3:31
6.Graveyard Eyes (Re-Worked)3:35
7.Behind the Perfect Face (Re-Worked)4:14
8.Silver Eye (Re-Worked)2:56
9.Fashion (Re-Worked)3:44
10.Bullets & Desert Blooms (Re-Worked)6:22
11.The Sorrows of These Streets4:14
12.Heartbeat (Mondtraeume remix)4:01
13.You Push for the World (Christofer Nergaard remix)3:05
14.Heartbeat (Apodyopsis vs Ice Machine)6:33
15.Your Love Is a Criminal (Christofer Nergaard's Crockett & Tubbs mix)3:19