Burning Britain: A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Burning Britain: A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983by Various Artists

  • 114 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:12:53


Disk #1

1.Bad Manby Cockney Rejects2:37
2.Ghettoby The Wall2:22
3.Tommy Kowey's Carby The Toy Dolls2:40
4.I Thought You Were Deadby Notsensibles2:28
5.Pretty Pollyby Poison Girls4:05
6.Volume Controlby The Stiffs2:54
7.No Governmentby Anti-Pasti1:59
8.Decontrolby Discharge2:37
9.Witch Huntby The Mob3:13
10.Last Rockersby Vice Squad4:19
11.Gangland Warfareby The Outcasts2:58
12.Kings Crossby Charge1:23
13.One Law For Themby The 4-Skins2:46
14.No Survivorsby GBH2:37
15.Realityby Chron Gen2:31
16.Harry Mayby The Business2:14
17.Kids Of The 80'Sby Infa Riot1:44
18.Two Years Too Lateby The Epileptics2:16
19.Bewarewolf!by Rudi3:00
20.Evacuateby Chelsea3:47
21.London Bouncersby !Action Pact!1:49
22.Young Offendersby Disrupters1:40
23.No Room For Youby Demob3:25
24.Banned From The Pubsby Peter And The Test Tube Babies2:46
25.Whose Bomb?by Chaotic Youth2:58
26.The Masqueby The Dark3:43
27.Death's A Careerby Drongos For Europe3:00
28.Victimisedby Chaos UK3:07
29.Alternativeby The Exploited1:59

Disk #2

1.Endangered Speciesby UK Subs3:28
2.The Abuse Of Powerby Blitzkrieg2:42
3.Survivalby The Defects3:03
4.Dreamingby The Expelled2:30
5.No Trustby Anti Establishment2:36
6.Reason For Existenceby Subhumans2:33
7.Wait For The Blackoutby The Damned3:59
8.Shell Shockby Erazerhead2:34
9.Nuclear Warby The Insane2:10
10.Police Stateby Special Duties1:11
11.Go To Hellby Threats1:57
12.British Manby Lunatic Fringe4:18
13.Mary Whitehouseby Organized Chaos2:11
14.T.D.A.by T.D.A.2:50
15.Dogs Of Warby The System5:20
16.Mindless Violenceby The Newtown Neurotics2:48
17.Dying Manby A-Heads2:39
18.Viva La Revolutionby The Adicts3:48
19.17 Years Of Hellby The Partisans2:51
20.Fuck The Worldby Chaotic Dischord2:12
21.Too Lateby Court Martial2:25
22.Take No Prisonersby Red Alert2:37
23.Dead Heroby The Samples2:56
24.Victims Of Warby Death Sentence1:37
25.1000 Marching Feetby The Xpozez3:07
26.Northern Ripperby Destructors2:48
27.Face The Factsby Icon A.D.2:58
28.Dogsbodyby Mayhem2:29

Disk #3

1.Warriorsby Blitz2:58
2.Have You Got 10p?by The Ejected1:32
3.Jubileeby Rabid1:45
4.The Thatcherby Septic Psychos2:52
5.Drag You Outby The Lurkers2:23
6.Urban Rebelby Abrasive Wheels2:48
7.Murder In The Subwayby Attak3:25
8.Dead Revolutionby Undead2:38
9.They've Taken Everythingby Icons Of Filth1:38
10.Lust For Gloryby Angelic Upstarts2:42
11.For Youby Anti-Nowhere League3:06
12.Dragnetby The Vibrators3:06
13.TV Timesby Crash2:10
14.Keep On Runningby Crux3:03
15.Jerusalemby One Way System2:44
16.Nuclear Attackby Resistance 771:39
17.Summer Of 81by Violators3:25
18.Crazy Worldby Ad Nauseam1:54
19.Mr. Nobodyby Major Accident2:22
20.No War No Moreby Uproar2:52
21.Cream Of The Cropby No Choice2:26
22.Let There Be Anarchyby Shrapnel2:22
23.Have Visionsby External Menace2:22
24.Rampton Songby Disorder3:17
25.Points Of Viewby Emergency2:46
26.Limo Lifeby Urban Dogs4:01
27.Fashion Paradeby Instant Agony3:19
28.They've Got It All Wrongby Anthrax1:55
29.Born To Loseby The Skeptix3:21

Disk #4

1.Megalomaniaby The Blood3:15
2.Capital Lettersby Ruefrex3:15
3.Holocaustby Warwound1:23
4.Not Preparedby The Sears4:23
5.Crime For Revengeby Ultra-Violent1:51
6.Freedom Peace & Unityby Omega Tribe2:23
7.Ballykelly Discoby Exit-Stance3:07
8.Toleration Streetby Dead Man's Shadow4:13
9.Stepdownby Last Rites4:29
10.Unite And Fightby Riot Squad3:05
11.East Of Dachauby The Underdogs3:43
12.Blame It On The Youthby Xtract3:32
13.Animal Welfareby Anti-System1:30
14.Facts Of Warby Mau Maus1:56
15.Keep Your Hands Off Me (Rich Bitch)by The Genocides2:59
16.Suffragette Cityby Rose Of Victory3:00
17.Die For Your Governmentby The Varukers2:07
18.Last Ritesby The Enemy2:12
19.Revolution Timesby Red London3:10
20.The Angel Of Deathby Screaming Dead3:15
21.Xenophobiaby Kronstadt Uprising1:54
22.Psycho Killerby English Dogs2:43
23.The Serenade Is Deadby Conflict3:04
24.One Step Forwardby Naked2:50
25.Problemby Broken Bones1:54
26.Loud And Clearby Subculture2:53
27.What Do They Know?by Soldier Dolls2:36
28.Middle East Mayhemby Criminal Justice1:46