C87 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists
  • 74 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:52


Disk #1

1.Pristine Christineby The Sea Urchins2:49
2.Real Animalby The House Of Love2:59
3.Poised Over the Pause Buttonby This Poison!2:36
4.Son of a Gunby The Vaselines3:46
5.It's Not True...by The Wonder Stuff1:59
6.I, the Juryby The Heart Throbs3:31
7.Get Out of My Dreamby The Clouds2:33
8.Mind the Gapby Cud2:09
9.Young Till Yesterdayby The Shamen3:57
10.Spin (Flexidisc Version)by The Darling Buds2:41
11.Escape!by Kitchens Of Distinction3:07
12.Golden Showerby The Boy Hairdressers2:40
13.Grandfather's Cluckby The Great Leap Forward3:48
14.Now You're Gone (Demo)by Inspiral Carpets4:01
15.Albert Hofmannby The Bachelor Pad3:29
16.Room Without a Viewby The Nivens2:29
17.I Could Be in Heavenby The Flatmates2:45
18.Good for Meby Blow-Up2:24
19.Big Rock Candy Mountainby The Motorcycle Boy3:07
20.Old Joeby The Raw Herbs3:49
21.These Animals Are Dangerousby Rote Kapelle3:50
22.What a Performanceby BOB3:10
23.Grey Skies Blueby The Submarines3:39
24.Don't Ask My Nameby Hangman's Beautiful Daughters2:29
25.Downhillby The Waltones2:25
26.My Baby's Got Jet Lagby I, Ludicrous3:12

Disk #2

1.Please Don't Sandblast My Houseby One Thousand Violins3:20
2.My Favourite Dressby The Wedding Present4:14
3.Paul McCartneyby Laugh2:50
4.Hang Ten!by The Soup Dragons2:16
5.We Found a Way to the Sunby The Primitives3:37
6.The Anti-Midas Touchby The Wolfhounds3:19
7.In a Mourning Townby Biff Bang Pow!2:38
8.Clearby The Bodines2:21
9.Talulah Goshby Talulah Gosh3:24
10.Built Like a Carby Mighty Mighty2:09
11.Sweet Sweet Pieby Pop Will Eat Itself2:12
12.Frans Halsby McCarthy3:12
13.Ask Johnny Deeby The Chesterf!elds2:59
14.When It All Comes Downby Miaow3:29
15.I Heard You the First Timeby Razorcuts2:34
16.The Word Around Townby David Westlake3:35
17.Saint Lucyby Gol Gappas4:20
18.Brighterby The Railway Children4:54
19.The Day Before Tomorrowby BMX Bandits3:27
20.Kick Me Again Jesusby A House3:44
21.Couldn't Get to Sleepby The Groove Farm2:38
22.Please Please Pleaseby The Brilliant Corners3:00
23.Secret Goldfishby Baby Lemonade2:23
24.Forever Stevenby Corn Dollies2:46
25.Southern Fieldsby Rosemary's Children3:19

Disk #3

1.Catbrain Walkby Dog Faced Hermans5:38
2.Tupperware Stripperby Stump4:01
3.Everything's Groovyby Gaye Bykers On Acid4:22
4.Tried and Tested Public Speakerby Bog-Shed2:19
5.Red Snakeby A Witness4:15
6.New Breedby MacKenzies2:18
7.Edithby The Shrubs4:04
8.Tears in the Gutterby Stitched-Back Foot Airman4:23
9.Like a Dolphinby 14 Iced Bears3:00
10.I'm Up Hereby Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes1:48
11.Love Scattered Livesby The Desert Wolves3:15
12.What Went Wrong This Time?by The Siddeleys2:17
13.In My Roomby The Weather Prophets3:31
14.Beat Girlby The Wishing Stones3:07
15.Man Overboard (Demo)by The Caretaker Race4:53
16.Just Like Oliver Reedby The Dentists2:13
17.We Three Kings of Orient Aren'tby Jamie Wednesday2:22
18.10 Milesby Phil Wilson3:01
19.Her Father's Sonby East Village3:25
20.Sharonby Yeah Jazz3:24
21.So Naïveby The Rosehips2:12
22.Made Upby The Hepburns3:43
23.The Old Stone Bridgeby Emily3:17

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