Optimism/Reject: Punk and Post Punk Meets D-I-Y Aesthetic mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Optimism/Reject: Punk and Post Punk Meets D-I-Y Aestheticby Various Artists

  • 105 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:11:28


Disk #1

1.Monetary Systemby Eater1:45
2.You'll Loseby The Drones3:38
3.Love Lies Limpby Alternative TV3:07
4.Freewayby The Outsiders4:10
5.Suspended Sentenceby John Cooper Clarke2:51
6.O Levelsby O Level2:07
7.Black Velvetby Swell Maps1:58
8.Optimism/Rejectby Patrik Fitzgerald1:12
9.Hard Timesby Attrix4:09
10.Nobody's Scaredby Subway Sect2:06
11.Washed Upby The Freshies3:07
12.Charlesby Skids2:35
13.Police Oppressionby Angelic Upstarts3:31
14.Neutron Bombby The Artattacks2:59
15.Mixed Up Worldby Victim3:12
16.Aerosol Burnsby Essential Logic2:01
17.Itby The Tights2:42
18.The Demonby Punishment of Luxury4:06
19.Masterby The Fall2:22
20.Situations Vacantby The Cravats3:36
21.Is and Ought the Western Worldby Scritti Politti3:46
22.Wolfby pragVec1:49
23.Coolby Jerks3:12
24.He's Frankby The Monochrome Set2:37
25.Internationalby Thomas Leer4:03
26.Fruitlessby Devil's Dykes2:14
27.01-01-212by Vice Creems2:39
28.Times Encounterby Nigel Simpkins1:56

Disk #2

1.H-Eyesby The Ruts2:48
2.Lord Lucan Is Missingby The Dodgems3:30
3.The Competitionby The Passage1:40
4.Girl Gets Nervousby Nicky & The Dots2:22
5.I Don't Want to Work for British Airwaysby Scissor Fits2:49
6.Cold Cityby Spizzoil2:02
7.(I Saw) Batman (In the Launderette)by The Shapes2:39
8.Stereo Loveby Proles2:05
9.Commuter Manby The Molesters5:40
10.Heathenby The Pack2:39
11.In Loveby The Raincoats3:07
12.Sing Songby The Tea Set1:36
13.Mother Moonby Artery2:17
14.The Ultimate Systemby Murder the Disturbed4:00
15.Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)by Family Fodder4:32
16.Every Day I Dieby The Frantic Elevators1:26
17.Nagasaki's Childrenby They Must Be Russians4:16
18.Metal Sheetby Second Layer1:22
19.Cold Rebellionby Metrophase3:29
20.I Don't Believeby Disturbed4:25
21.Subculture Fashion Slavesby The Door and the Window3:50
22.God's Got Religionby The Steppes2:51
23.Christine Keelerby Glaxo Babies3:38
24.Boys Keep Swingingby The Associates3:39
25.Beautiful Picturesby Fatal Microbes1:50
26.Top of the Popsby The Disco Zombies2:19
27.Exhibitionby Pneumania2:51

Disk #3

1.Domestic Departureby Au Pairs2:22
2.Reconstructionby English Subtitles5:03
3.Them or Meby Medium Medium3:55
4.Choreographyby Modern Eon2:40
5.Chance Meeting (Absolute Version)by Josef K2:55
6.On the Airby The Lines3:34
7.Masochistic Oppositeby Mo-Dettes3:33
8.Minstrel Radio Yoghurtby The Deep Freeze Mice2:40
9.You Get Everywhereby The Chefs2:42
10.Bloodyby The Golinski Brothers2:33
11.Hey Operatorby The Lillettes2:11
12.Art Nouveauby The Bodies3:39
13.Shangri-Laby Nightmares in Wax3:32
14.Oscar Automobileby Weird Strings3:07
15.Self Employedby Again Again4:27
16.Fahsionable Junkiesby The Membranes1:43
17.Authophagousby Manic Jabs2:02
18.Modichy in Anerationby Blancmange2:05
19.No Messageby The Mystere Fives3:16
20.The Feeling's Mutualby Eyeless in Gaza2:41
21.Lean on Meby The Distributors3:39
22.Chimneysby Tagmemics4:34
23.Short Timeby Rhythm Clicks3:10
24.Getby Blurt3:44

Disk #4

1.Final Dayby Young Marble Giants1:43
2.You Get What You Deserve (A Love Song)by Charge3:04
3.The Damage Doneby The Sisters of Mercy3:03
4.Politics!by Girls at Our Best!3:17
5.Justice Not Vengeanceby A Popular History of Signs3:58
6.Could Be Her, Could Be Youby Thompson Twins3:21
7.Everything's Rosesby The Fire Engines3:17
8.Motorwayby Emma Sharpe2:00
9.The Russians Are Comingby The Red Squares1:51
10.Motionby The Room3:02
11.Should Be More Idealby The 49 Americans2:40
12.I Rememberby Cult Figures2:54
13.Insect Loveby The Higsons3:29
14.Chips for Teaby The Laughing Apple2:19
15.Defeatedby The Legendary Pink Dots2:28
16.Holiday Songby Marine Girls2:14
17.The Returnby Normil Hawaiians3:15
18.Zigzaggingby The Reflections2:52
19.When I See Youby Sad Lovers and Giants3:18
20.Domino Theoryby To the Finland Station3:38
21.Launderetteby Vivien Goldman3:47
22.Ethicsby 23 Skidoo3:41
23.Shades of Blackby Screen 33:18
24.Plan 9 From Outer Spaceby The Happy Few3:35
25.Break the Ice at Partiesby The Tesco Bombers1:55
26.I Wanna Be Around (Paul)by ...and the Native Hipsters2:30