Cars 2 mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Cars 2by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:32


1.You Might Thinkby Weezer3:07
2.Collision of Worldsby Brad Paisley & Robbie Williams3:37
3.Mon cœur fait vroum (My Heart Goes Vroom)by Bénabar2:50
4.Nobody's Foolby Brad Paisley4:17
5.Polyrhythmby Perfume4:10
6.Turbo Transmissionby Michael Giacchino0:53
7.It's Finn McMissile!by Michael Giacchino5:54
8.Mater the Waiterby Michael Giacchino0:43
9.Radiator Reunionby Michael Giacchino1:41
10.Cranking Up the Heatby Michael Giacchino1:59
11.Towkyo Takeoutby Michael Giacchino5:40
12.Tarmac the Magnificentby Michael Giacchino2:39
13.Whose Engine Is This?by Michael Giacchino1:23
14.History's Biggest Loser Carsby Michael Giacchino2:26
15.Mater of Disguiseby Michael Giacchino0:49
16.Porto Corsaby Michael Giacchino2:55
17.The Lemon Pledgeby Michael Giacchino2:13
18.Mater's Getawayby Michael Giacchino0:59
19.Mater Warns McQueenby Michael Giacchino1:32
20.Going to the Backup Planby Michael Giacchino2:25
21.Mater's the Bombby Michael Giacchino3:17
22.Blunder and Lightningby Michael Giacchino2:18
23.The Other Shootby Michael Giacchino1:03
24.Axelrod Exposedby Michael Giacchino2:22
25.The Radiator Springs Gran Prixby Michael Giacchino1:30
26.The Turbomaterby Michael Giacchino0:50