Chained To A Memory: 1966 - 1972 mp3 Artist Compilation by The Everly Brothers

Chained To A Memory: 1966 - 1972by The Everly Brothers

  • 183 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:51:56


Disk #1

1.June Is As Cold As December2:52
2.Glitter And Gold2:39
3.Lovely Kravezit2:36
4.The Doll House Is Empty1:59
5.(You Got) The Power Of Love2:37
6.Leave My Girl Alone2:22
7.(Why Am I) Chained To A Memory2:06
8.Don't Run And Hide2:36
9.Have You Ever Loved Somebody2:48
10.Fifi The Flea3:06
11.Hard Hard Hard2:56
12.Like Every Time Before1:55
13.Signs That Will Never Change3:05
14.The Collector2:54
15.So Lonely2:39
16.I've Been Wrong Before2:11
17.Kiss Your Man Goodbye (#3)2:34
18.Pretty Flamingo2:36
19.Somebody Help Me2:00
20.When Eddie Comes Home2:48
21.The Devil's Child2:47
22.She Never Smiles Anymore [Take 1]3:16
23.She Never Smiles Anymore3:18
24.Nothing But The Best2:49
25.Sea Of Heartbreak2:21
26.Blueberry Hill3:01
27.Good Golly, Miss Molly2:50
28.(I'd Be) A Legend In My Own Time2:47
29.I'm Movin' On2:27
30.Sticks And Stones2:47

Disk #2

1.Oh, Boy!2:45
2.Let's Go Get Started3:05
3.Trains And Boats And Planes3:02
4.Even If I Hold It In My Hand [Take 2]3:31
5.Even If I Hold It In My Hand [Take 10]2:43
6.The House Of The Rising Sun [Take 1]4:20
7.The House Of The Rising Sun [Album Version]4:34
8.Bowling Green [Demo]2:34
9.I'll Be Gone [Backing Track]2:09
10.I Don't Want To Love You2:46
11.Bowling Green2:47
12.Mary Jane2:57
13.A Little Bit Crazy3:02
14.Do You2:45
15.A Voice Within2:22
16.It's All Over [Overdub and remix of old recording]2:20
17.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy2:28
18.A Whiter Shade Of Pale4:53
19.Talking To The Flowers2:55
20.Deliver Me2:32
21.I'm Finding It Rough2:51
22.They Smile For You [Backing Track]3:13
23.Love Of The Common People [Take 1]2:01
24.Love Of The Common People [Composite]3:14
25.Love Of The Common People [Single Version]4:16
26.My Elusive Dreams2:38

Disk #3

1.You're Just What I Was Looking For Today [Take 7]1:07
2.You're Just What I Was Looking For Today [Take 9]2:57
3.Lord Of The Manor4:48
4.It's My Time3:11
5.Bonsoir Madame [Backing Track]1:29
6.Empty Boxes2:51
7.Love With Your Heart (#1) [Take 4]3:06
8.Love With Your Heart (#1) [Alternate Version]3:01
9.You Done Me Wrong [Alternate Mix]2:11
10.Milk Train2:47
11.The Everly Brothers (1952)1:12
12.Mama Tried2:22
13.Less Of Me3:08
14.T For Texas3:32
15.I Wonder If I Care As Much (#2)3:02
16.Ventura Boulevard2:54
17.Shady Grove3:10
18.Illinois (Parts I and II)2:18
19.Living Too Close To The Ground2:19
20.You Done Me Wrong2:19
21.Turn Around2:53
22.Sing Me Back Home5:23
23.The Everly Brothers (1952)/Shady Grove/Kentucky2:48
24.The Weight1:34
25.Deep Water [Backing Track]3:25
26.Medley- Lady Anne/Blue Balloon [Demo]2:11
27.Roots Promo Sampler6:09

Disk #4

1.Lady Anne [Demo]1:43
2.Shop Girl [Demo]2:39
4.Human Race (#1)4:09
5.Mr Soul [Mix #1]3:15
6.In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) [Mix #1]3:55
7.Down In The Bottom [Mix #1]2:48
8.Love With Your Heart (#2)2:56
9.Mr Soul [Mix #2]3:00
10.In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) [Mix #2]3:52
11.Down In The Bottom [Mix #2]3:11
12.Glory Road3:19
13.My Little Yellow Bird2:24
14.I'm On My Way Home Again [Demo]2:42
15.Cuckoo Bird2:56
16.From Eden To Canaan [Take 2]3:35
17.From Eden To Canaan [Take 4]4:35
18.I'm On My Way Home Again [Take 1]2:25
19.I'm On My Way Home Again [Single Version]2:20
20.Carolina In My Mind3:19
21.Casey's Last Ride (#1) [Take 1]3:47
22.Casey's Last Ride (#1) [Take 9]3:24
23.Stained Glass Morning5:14

Disk #5

2.Human Race (#2)3:34
4.Mama Tried2:04
6.Bowling Green2:34
7.('Til) I Kissed You1:57
8.Wake Up Little Susie1:43
9.Cathy's Clown1:24
10.Bird Dog1:58
12.Rock And Roll Music2:13
13.The End1:05
15.If I Were A Carpenter0:37
16.The Price Of Love0:47
17.Rock And Roll Music8:49
18.Thrill Is Gone1:41
19.The End1:00
20.Games People Play0:47
21.The Price Of Love0:58
22.Baby What You Want Me To Do4:53
23.All I Have To Do Is Dream3:11
24.Walk Right Back2:10
25.Medley- Susie Q/Hey Jude5:24
26.Lord Of The Manor4:12
27.I Wonder If I Care As Much3:11
28.Love Is Strange3:59
29.Medley- Let It Be Me/Give Peace A Chance4:11
30.Chrysler Plymouth Duster Radio Spot0:55

Disk #6

1.The Brand New Tennessee Waltz3:13
2.Casey's Last Ride (#2)3:37
3.Old Kentucky River3:08
4.Green River4:42
6.All We Really Want To Do2:22
7.Poems, Prayers and Promises4:01
8.Mandolin Wind3:01
9.I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas3:15
10.Ridin' High2:41
11.Lay It Down3:08
12.Del Rio Dan3:59
13.Three-Armed Poker-Playin' River Rat2:46
14.Christmas Eve Can Kill You3:26
15.Stories We Can Tell3:36
16.Poisonberry Pie3:34
17.It Pleases Me To Please You3:17
18.Up In Mabel's Room3:15

Disk #7

1.Lay It Down3:25
2.I Can't Be Myself2:56
3.Sweet Memories2:56
4.Rocky Top2:57
5.Survival Of The Fittest2:39
6.Not Fade Away2:01
8.A Nickel For The Fiddler2:27
9.Somebody Nobody Knows3:40
10.Watchin' It Go2:27
11.Woman Don't You Try To Tie Me Down4:03
12.Good Hearted Woman2:36
13.Husbands And Wives2:25
14.Ladies Love Outlaws3:14
15.Maiden's Prayer2:17
16.Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (#2)2:25
17.I'm Alone Because I Love You2:31
18.Don Everly Talks About 'Pass The Chicken And Listen'5:53

Disk #8

2.Susie Q2:09
3.Raunchy (Instrumental)1:46
4.Walk Right Back3:26
5.Bye Bye Love3:03
6.Gone, Gone, Gone2:11
8.I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town3:31
9.Bird Dog2:36
10.So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)3:13