Chicken Out! mp3 Album by The Ziggens
  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:52


1.Something About a Waitress2:13
2.Goober Got a Girlfriend3:04
3.That Night in Georgia5:02
4.Mystery Lunch1:44
5.It's Great to be Unemployed2:32
6.Huntington Beach3:26
7.I Hate Girls & Cars & Ice Cold Beer1:34
8.I Am Afraid3:48
9.Heart Attack1:53
10.Burpin' USA1:59
11.Sober Up2:36
12.Mrs. Brown3:12
13.Pizza by the Slice3:37
14.Real Presents1:49
15.Dinah Shore3:08
16.Tent City3:38
17.Tie One On4:17
18.Instant Christmas2:50
19.Hyundai Monday2:18
20.I'm Eatin' to Shove My Feelings Down1:46
21.The Cheese in Wisconsin2:26

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