Pomona Lisa mp3 Album by The Ziggens

Pomona Lisaby The Ziggens

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:21


1.Surfin' Buena Park3:46
2.The Waitress Song2:34
3.Joseph of Arimathea3:09
4.I Took My Mom to the Prom1:37
5.Surfin' You Say3:21
6.I'm Tryin'2:04
7.On the Way3:46
8.Can't We All Just Get a Longboard?2:33
9.What to Do4:05
10.Goin' Richter3:11
11.Fat Charlie3:25
13.Strange Way to Live4:13
14.Stranded on Clicker Island3:40
15.Pony Up1:56
16.Hang On4:20
17.Asleep at the Wheel2:18
18.Ride the Wild Surf3:05
19.The Spy Who Dubbed Me4:52

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