City Lounge 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

City Lounge 5by Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:19:12


Disk #1

1.Once Upon a Pastby Wax Tailor4:49
2.Needle in the Hayby Mélissa Laveaux3:22
3.Chupeeby Cocoon2:52
4.Happyby Sandra Nkaké3:33
5.Keep Sailingby Refractory3:54
6.Without Her (Th)by Alif Tree4:26
7.Divine Machineby Leeroy3:27
8.The Thrillby The Fugitive Kind3:44
9.Ended With the Nightby Caravan Palace5:01
10.Is This the Last Timeby Variety Lab3:33
11.Consequencesby Dajla4:51
12.Otakuby Popular Computer3:30
13.Sit Downby Shazz3:47
14.No Competitionby DJ Cam5:58
15.Chromatic Birdby Saycet6:34

Disk #2

1.Hate on Meby Jill Scott3:30
2.Grown Folksby Raphael Saadiq4:15
3.Tell It Like It Isby Stephanie McKay3:13
4.Hummin'by Marley Marl5:07
5.Loveby Greyboy3:35
6.I Believe in Youby Amp Fiddler4:40
7.Hiloby Antibalas4:48
8.No Tearsby Leela James3:10
9.Babyby J Dilla3:30
10.Sound of the Ghostby Clutchy Hopkins2:57
11.Jazzholeby Free the Robots3:45
12.Sonic What (alternative acoustic take)by Nobody4:01
13.Grape Nuts & Chalk Sauceby Blockhead3:34
14.Punjabi Lullabyby Shawn Lee3:02
15.Happyby Robert Owens3:54

Disk #3

1.Music Takes Me Upby Mr. Scruff5:27
2.Treading Waterby Baby Charles4:10
3.Idea Threeby Belleruche3:57
4.195LBSby Nightmares on Wax5:32
5.Anything's Possible (Mark Force remix)by Zero dB3:47
6.Good Diseaseby Aim4:18
7.Kettoby Bonobo5:03
8.You're My Favorite Musicby Niko4:22
9.Party Favours (and the Jack Baker Trio)by TM Juke4:53
10.Stabilo Bossaby Barakas6:40
11.In the Morningby Natural Self3:59
12.The Interpreterby Gripper6:04
13.Starsby Nostalgia 776:09
14.Too High to Moveby Quiet Village6:42
15.To Build a Home (radio edit)by The Cinematic Orchestra2:52

Disk #4

1.Twiggy Twiggyby [re:jazz]3:19
2.Signby Boozoo Bajou4:32
3.Addictedby Waldeck3:49
4.Keep It Raw (Vono Box remix)by Dusty3:58
5.Ride Rich Rhythmby Brenda Boykin5:03
6.Cinnamon Girl (feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar)by [dunkelbunt]3:56
7.Come in My Worldby Jahcoustix & The Outsideplayers3:42
8.On the Road Againby Slackwax3:04
9.Sugary Pleasureby Trinah3:22
10.Everything (Frost & Wagner remix) (feat. Marc Mac)by Clara Hill's Folkwaves4:35
11.D-D-D-Danceby Micatone3:44
12.See the Light (feat. Siri Svegler)by Shahrokh Sound of K.5:48
13.She Likes Me (feat. Frank Nitty)by Sepalot4:01
14.Claireby Io5:54
15.Amelieby Butch6:08