Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 16by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:42


1.Steady Roll Bluesby The Bucktown Five2:40
2.Steady Roll Bluesby The Bucktown Five2:33
3.Modile Bluesby The Bucktown Five2:19
4.Really a Painby The Bucktown Five2:44
5.Really a Painby The Bucktown Five2:44
6.Chicago Bluesby The Bucktown Five2:30
7.Hot Mittensby The Bucktown Five2:48
8.Hot Mittensby The Bucktown Five2:49
9.Buddy's Habitsby The Bucktown Five2:24
10.Buddy's Habitsby The Bucktown Five2:21
11.Someday, Sweetheartby The Bucktown Five3:03
12.Why Can't it be Poor Little Me?by The Stomp Six2:40
13.Everybody Loves my Babyby The Stomp Six2:59
14.Cruel Womanby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:29
15.Home Brew Bluesby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:18
16.Steady Steppin' Papaby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:36
17.Baptistown Crawl (River Bottom Glide)by Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:47
18.Ethiopian Nightmare (Nellie, Where You Going?)by Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:29
19.Cataract Rag Bluesby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:25
20.Nightengale Rag Bluesby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:21
21.Boneyard Shuffleby Hitch's Happy Harmonists2:39
22.Washboard Bluesby Hitch's Happy Harmonists3:04