Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 57 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 57by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:08


1.Black and Blue Bottomby Joe Venuti2:48
2.Stringing the Bluesby Joe Venuti2:39
3.Strining the Bluesby Joe Venuti2:51
4.Wild Catby Joe Venuti2:57
5.Sunshineby Joe Venuti2:59
6.Doin' Thingsby Joe Venuti2:56
7.Goin' Placesby Joe Venuti2:59
8.There'll Be Some Changes Madeby Red McKenzie and His Music Box2:43
9.My Syncopated Melody Manby Red McKenzie and His Music Box3:23
10.I'm Somebody's Somebody Nowby Annette Hanshaw3:08
11.I Like What You Likeby Annette Hanshaw2:57
12.Ain't that a Grand a Glorious Feeling?by Annette Hanshaw3:01
13.Who-oo? You-oo, That's Who!by Annette Hanshaw3:06
14.Under the Moonby Annette Hanshaw3:25
15.Kickin' the Catby Joe Venuti's Blue Four3:10
16.Beatin' the Dogby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:41
17.It was only a Sunshowerby Annette Hanshaw3:11
18.Who's that Knockin' at my Doorby Annette Hanshaw2:50
19.Cheese and Crackersby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:56
20.A Mug of Aleby Joe Venuti's Blue Four3:02
21.Penn Beach Bluesby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:48
22.Four String Joeby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:58
23.Dinahby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:55
24.The Wild Dogby Joe Venuti's Blue Four2:45

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