Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 93 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, Volume 93by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:02


1.Lonesome, All Alone And Blueby Bertha Chippie Hill2:59
2.Trouble In Mindby Bertha Chippie Hill2:51
3.Georgia Manby Bertha Chippie Hill2:45
4.You've Got To Go Homeby Baby Mack3:05
5.What Kind O' Man Is That?by Baby Mack3:03
6.Deep Water Bluesby Hociel Thomas2:53
7.G'wan, I Told Youby Hociel Thomas3:12
8.Listen To Maby Hociel Thomas3:26
9.Lonesome Hoursby Hociel Thomas3:04
10.A Jealous Woman Like Meby Sippie Wallace3:18
11.Special Delivery Bluesby Sippie Wallace3:27
12.Jack O' Diamonds Bluesby Sippie Wallace3:10
13.The Mail Train Bluesby Sippie Wallace3:02
14.I Feel Goodby Sippie Wallace3:05
15.A Man For Every Day In The Weekby Sippie Wallace3:04
16.The Bridwell Bluesby Nolan Welsh3:34
17.St. Peter Bluesby Nolan Welsh3:01
18.He Like It Slowby Butterbeans & Susie2:51
19.Pleadin' For The Bluesby Bertha Chippie Hill3:01
20.Pratt City Bluesby Bertha Chippie Hill2:55
21.Mess, Katie, Messby Bertha Chippie Hill2:49
22.Lovesick Bluesby Bertha Chippie Hill3:18
23.Lonesome Weary Bluesby Bertha Chippie Hill3:09