Classics mp3 Artist Compilation by Triumph

Classicsby Triumph

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:00


1.Tears in the Rain3:53
2.Hold On6:05
3.I Live for the Weekend5:17
4.Magic Power4:51
5.Follow Your Heart3:26
6.A World of Fantasy5:00
7.Fight the Good Fight6:19
9.Somebody's Out There4:02
10.Lay It on the Line4:02
11.Rock 'n' Roll Machine6:55
"Classics" is a greatest hits album by Triumph (comprised of Rik Emmett on guitar and vocals, Gil Moore on drums, and Michael Levine on bass and keyboards), which was released in 1989. This compilation covers from their second studio album "Rock & Roll Machine" through their eighth studio album "A Sport of Kings". Triumph has been compared to their Canadian counterpart Rush, which is about right. Also being a trio, Triumph later moved more towards the 80s metal mainstream ("Somebody's Out There"). They are a very underrated band and I would recommend this album to all hard rock fans.
Song ratings out of 5.
1. "Tears In the Rain" (from "A Sport of Kings") - 3.6
2. "Hold On" (from "Just a Game") - 4.3
3. "I Live for the Weekend" (from "Progressions of Power") - 3.2
4. "Magic Power" (from "Allied Forces") - 4.8
5. "Follow Your Heart" (from "Thunder Seven") - 3.7
6. "A World of Fantasy" (from "Never Surrender") - 4.1
7. "Fight the Good Fight" (from "Allied Forces") - 4.9
8. "Spellbound" (from "Thunder Seven") - 3.8
9. "Somebody's Out There" (from "A Sport of Kings") -3.7
10. "Lay It On the Line" (from "Just a Game") - 5.0
11. "Rock & Roll Machine" (from "Rock & Roll Machine") - 3.9