Coma Of Souls (Remastered) mp3 Album by Kreator

Coma Of Souls (Remastered)by Kreator

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:03:43


Disk #1

1.When The Sun Burns Red5:32
2.Coma Of Souls4:18
3.People Of The Lie3:16
4.World Beyond2:03
5.Terror Zone5:57
6.Agents Of Brutality5:18
7.Material World Paranoia5:01
8.Twisted Urges2:46
9.Hidden Dictator4:51
10.Mental Slavery5:46

Disk #2

1.When The Sun Burns Red (Live)5:51
2.Betrayer (Live)4:37
3.Terrible Certainty (Live)5:58
4.Extreme Aggression (Live)5:50
5.Coma Of Souls (Live)5:01
6.People Of The Lie (Live)3:26
7.Choir Of The Damned (Live)1:27
8.The Pestilence (Live)8:44
9.Toxic Trace (Live)4:15
10.Drum Solo (Live)2:54
11.Terror Zone (Live)6:04
12.Pleasure To Kill (Live)6:50
13.Flag Of Hate (Live)2:59
14.Agents Of Brutality (Live)5:18
15.Riot Of Violence (Live)6:11
16.Tormentor (Live)3:30