Rust in Peace mp3 Album by Megadeth
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:22


1.Holy Wars... The Punishment Due6:33
2.Hangar 185:11
3.Take No Prisoners3:27
4.Five Magics5:40
5.Poison Was The Cure2:57
7.Tornado Of Souls5:19
8.Dawn Patrol1:52
9.Rust In Peace... Polaris5:44
10.My Creation1:37
11.Rust In Peace... Polaris (Demo)5:26
12.Holy Wars The Punishment Due (Demo)6:17
13.Take No Prisoners (Demo)3:23
Amazing album. Not one bad song on here. I am so glad that I took the time to listen to this from start to finish. Since all of these songs are good,this is now added to the list of albums that I can listen to all the way through withought skipping anything.Every song is so different from each other to me but still sounds like they belong on this album at the same time. Really loving Megadeth.They have some of the coolest artwork on moste of there albums too and I love when bands have cool artwork. Amazing band,Amazing album,so I give it five stars. It's perfect!
Before the release of Rust in Peace, Megadeth needed a new guitarist again, and Marty Friedman was subsequently chosen. He brought more technicality to the table, longer songs, and more ass to kick. A new style for Megadeth, but they left that behind in their next album. Technical Megadeth would've worked very well if Metallica didn't release The Black Album (Metallica).

Holy Wars...the Punishment Due: So many riffs and solos, so many scales, so great of a song...if you are going to buy only one song on the album, buy this one. 30/10

Hangar 18: Same as Holy Wars, but not as many riffs. Still is just as good. 30/10

Take No Prisoners: TAKE NO SHIT! Another awesome song, shorter, but still kicks ass. 20/10

Five Magics: See Holy Wars...The Punishment Due. 30/10

Poison Was the Cure: More old Megadeth styled, and the fastest song on the album. Great song. 20/10

Lucretta: See Hangar 18. 25/10

Tornado of Souls: Fast, awesome, lots of Black Sabbath influences, who could ask for more? 20/10

Dawn Patrol: Slows down and is mostly bass, drums, and talking vocals. Weird switch, and it's and okay song. 8/10

Rust in Peace...Polaris: Now we get back to business on a great closing song. The remastered version came with "My Creation" as a bonus track, so the album technically ends here. 25/10

My Creation: Bonus track. Not much to say here. 9/10