Complete Discography mp3 Artist Compilation by Minor Threat

Complete Discographyby Minor Threat

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:41


2.I Don't Wanna Hear It1:14
3.Seeing Red1:03
4.Straight Edge0:45
5.Small Man, Big Mouth0:56
6.Screaming at a Wall1:32
7.Bottled VIolence0:54
8.Minor Threat1:29
9.Stand Up0:53
11.In My Eyes2:49
12.Out of Step (With the World)1:16
13.Guilty of Being White1:17
14.Steppin' Stone2:12
16.It Follows1:51
17.Think Again2:18
18.Look Back and Laugh3:16
19.Sob Story1:51
20.No Reason1:58
21.Little Friend2:18
22.Out of Step1:21
23.Cashing In3:44
25.Good Guys (Don't Wear White)2:22
26.Salad Days2:46
This is the complete recorded works of Minor Threat, and what a band they were! Many of you know about their singer (Ian MacKaye's) later group Fugazi, and to truly understand Fugazi, one needs to know about Minor Threat. They were not MacKaye's first band, that was the Teen Idles, but MT is where he really made his name. Living around a large punk community is Washington DC, MacKaye and many others decided to take a stand against drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and the lousy bully type attitudes they often encountered and proclaimed themselves "straight edge," abstaining from these vices. This type of attitude runs through most of their music and is an inspiration to all who listen. Of course, one needs a lyric sheet to fully grasp their message, as songs like "Bottled Violence" and "Minor Threat" may be taken the wrong way without knowing they have the opposite meaning. "Screaming at a Wall" sounds off against closed minded people. "Out of Step (With the World)" basically speaks for itself as MacKaye and his friends are honest enough to be who they are without compromise. The collection packs a powerful punch, has no filler tracks, and in a way serves as MacKaye's coming of age band.