Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988-2011 mp3 Artist Compilation by R.E.M.

Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988-2011by R.E.M.

  • 131 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:27:19


1.Funtime (live)2:14
2.Ghost Rider3:46
3.Dark Globe1:53
4.Pop Song 89 (acoustic version)2:57
5.Memphis Train Blues1:40
6.Skin Tight (live Orlando FL April 30,1989)2:04
7.Losing My Religion (acoustic live at KFOG)4:44
8.Losing My Religion (live in Dublin 2005)4:53
9.Rotary Eleven2:32
10.You Are the Everything (live Greensboro Coliseum, NC 11_10_1989)4:44
11.Love Is All Around (live)3:13
12.Shiny Happy People (dance to the Music mix)4:45
13.Shiny Happy People (Pop mix)4:05
14.Shiny Happy People (Hip mix)3:37
15.It's a Free World Baby5:12
16.Winged Mammal Theme2:56
17.First We Take Manhattan6:04
18.Everybody Hurts (album Fade)4:59
19.Mandolin Strum3:46
20.Orange Crush (live version)1:52
21.Man on the Moon (album edit)4:45
22.Arms of Love3:32
23.World Leader Pretend (live Charleston WV 4_28_91)5:16
24.Belong (live Charleston WV 4_28_91)4:40
25.Low (live Charleston WV 4_28_91)4:59
26.The Lion Sleeps Tonight2:41
28.Everybody Hurts (live 9_2_93 L.A. MTV video Awards)5:34
29.Orange Crush (instrumental)3:49
30.Fall on Me (live)3:23
31.Me in Honey (live)4:16
32.Finest Worksong (live)4:11
33.Drive (live 1992)4:17
34.Funtime (live 1992)2:16
35.Radio Free Europe (live 1992)4:43
36.What's the Frequency, Kenneth (live at SNL 11_12_94)4:06
37.Bang and Blame (live at SNL 11_12_94)4:54
38.I Don't Sleep, I Dream (live at SNL 11_12_94)3:50
39.What's the Frequency, Kenneth (radio version)3:59
40.Monty Got a Raw Deal (live)4:22
41.Everybody Hurts (live Athens GA 92)5:42
42.Man on the Moon (live Athens GA 92)5:22
43.Bang and Blame (album version without Between Track Noise)4:52
44.Losing My Religion (live Athens 1992 Applause Faded)4:43
45.Country Feedback (live Athens 1992 Applause Faded)4:19
46.Begin the Begin (live Athens 1992)3:48
47.Undertow (live)5:05
48.Wichite Lineman (live)3:18
49.New Test Leper (live acoustic)5:29
50.Tricycle (instrumental)1:58
51.Departure (live - Rome Soundcheck)3:33
52.Wall of Death3:08
53.The Wake Up Bomb (live version Atlanta)5:08
54.Binky the Doormat (live version Atlanta)5:02
55.King of Comedy (808 State remix)5:37
56.Be Mine (Mike on Bus version)4:54
57.Love Is All Around3:02
60.Sad Professor (live in studio version)4:01
61.Why Not Smile (Oxford American version)3:01
62.Surfing the Ganges (LP version)2:28
63.Suspicion (live in studio version)5:39
64.Lotus (Weird mix)4:34
65.Electrolite (live From Jools Holland)3:58
66.Man on the Moon (live From Jools Holland)5:15
67.Suspicion (live at Ealing Studios)5:27
68.At My Most Beautiful (radio remix)3:33
69.Passenger (Recorded From Later with Jools Holland)7:11
70.Country Feedback (Recorded From Later with Jools Holland)6:51
71.So. Central Rain (live From Later)4:04
72.The Great Beyond4:14
73.The One I Love (live From Glastonbury Festival)3:10
74.Everybody Hurts (live From Glastonbury Festival)6:21
75.Man on the Moon (live From Glastonbury Festival)5:24
76.Yellow River2:35
77.165 Hillcrest1:35
78.Imitation of Life (live From Trafalger Square)3:54
79.Summer Turns to High (32 Chord Song demo)3:10
80.I've Been High (live video version Channel V Sydney)3:17
81.The Lifting (original version)5:20
82.Beat a Drum (Dalkey demo)4:27
84.Favorite Writer2:57
85.Out in the Country3:23
86.Adagio (Unused Tune)3:29
87.Turn You Inside-Out (live version)4:17
88.Chance (dub)2:35
89.Drive (live version 1994)4:00
90.Star Me Kitten (feat. W.S. Burroughs)3:32
92.Leave (alternate version)4:42
93.The Lifting (demo)5:20
94.The One I Love (live version MMM Sydney)3:24
95.Maps and Legends (live rehearsal version)3:18
96.Tongue (live rehearsal version)3:52
97.Little America (live rehearsal version)2:59
98.South Central Rain (live rehearsal version)3:29
99.Imitation of Life (live rehearsal version)3:51
100.So Fast, So Numb (live Athens rehearsal Sessions 2004)3:52
101.All the Right Friends (live Athens rehearsal Sessions 2004)2:50
102.Animal (New mix)3:55
103.Pretty Persuasion (live NYC 2003)4:02
104.Welcome to the Occupation (live NYC 2003)2:46
105.You Are the Everything (live Raleigh, NC Oct. 10, 2003)3:31
106.These Days (live Toronto - Sept. 30,2003)3:27
107.(Don't Go Back to) Rockville (live Oslo NRK P1 National radio - Oct. 25, 2003)4:36
108.Wanderlust (live Santa Barbara, CA 2004)3:04
109.Sweetness Follows (live - Recorded in Cincinnati - Oct. 27,2004)4:04
110.Horse to Water (live in Vancouver)2:36
111.Indian Summer5:01
112.Living Well Is the Best Revenge (live in London)3:16
113.Auctioneer (live in London)2:47
114.Hollow Man (live in London)2:45
115.Supernatural Superserious (live in London)3:23
116.Fall on Me (live in London)2:49
117.West of the Fields (live in London)3:14
118.Horse to Water (live in London)2:18
119.Man-Sized Wreath (live in London)2:36
120.Man on the Moon (live in London)4:53
121.Mr. Richards (Vancouver)3:54
122.Living Well Jesus Dog4:21
124.Redhead Walking2:12
125.Houston (Itunes live From London)2:19
126.Harborcoat (live at the Olympia)4:13
127.Letter Never Sent (live at the Olympia)3:17
128.Second Guessing (live at the Olympia)2:56
129.Pretty Persuasion (live at the Olympia)4:26
131.That Someone Is You (live in the studio)1:45