Compromised mp3 Album by Steve Forbert
  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:02


2.A Big Comeuppance3:49
3.When I Get to California3:14
4.Drink Red Wine3:08
5.Welcome the Rolling Stones3:11
6.Rollin' Home to Someone You Love3:04
7.Send in the Clowns4:02
8.I Don't Know If You Know It3:31
9.Devil (Here She Comes Now)3:32
10.Time Seemed So Free3:21
11.Whatever, Man3:53
12.You'd See the Things That I See3:38
13.Devil (Here She Comes Now) (Americana Version)3:29
14.When I Get To California (Americana Version)3:27
15.Whatever, Man (Americana Version)3:47
16.Rain and Sleet and Snow3:10