Contact - Live In Munich mp3 Live by Saga

Contact - Live In Munichby Saga

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:00:29


Disk #1

1.The Interview4:57
2.That's As Far As I'll Go4:42
3.You're Not Alone6:56
4.I'm OK6:06
5.Can't You See Me Now6:17
6.Book Of Lies6:31
7.The Perfectionist7:07
8.Drum Solo5:12
9.The Flyer4:16
10.Mind Over Matter5:22
11.The Security Of Illusion2:11
12.Time's Up2:12
13.Piano Solo1:37
14.Scratching The Surface3:29

Disk #2

1.We've Been Here Before5:52
2.On The Air7:02
3.On The Loose4:37
4.Careful Where You Step5:27
5.10,000 Days5:09
6.Wind Him Up7:07
7.Humble Stance5:37
8.Don't Be Late8:14
9.What's It Gonna Be ?4:29