Coup d'État mp3 Album by Plasmatics

Coup d'Étatby Plasmatics

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:54


1.Put Your Love in Me3:55
3.Rock 'n' Roll4:23
4.Lightning Breaks3:58
5.No Class2:36
6.Mistress of Taboo3:16
7.Country Fairs3:37
8.Path of Glory4:45
9.Just Like on TV3:17
10.The Damned4:21
11.Uniformed Guards4:07
Robert McGough
This was the album where they turned from hard core punk to Heavy Metal-hard core and seem to slip right into it with no problem. They were on a big label with this one and also a big producer, the Scorpions producer Detrick Deeks , who help give a little more heavy rock sound. With the track starting off slow and going in to a blitzkrieg of guitars and Wendy O. Williams screaming and grunting, you knew they were taking no prisoners. The best tracks a remake of Motorhead's No Class and Mistress of Taboo and the Damned is probably their finest hour. There is a lot of other good rock songs my favorite -Just like on TV and Paths of glory. This album is defiantly my favorite and they were at their best too bad it did not last long, they disbanded shortly after this album release. Great heavy rock with some punk flare it is worth the listen.