Crack The Sky / White Music mp3 Artist Compilation by Crack The Sky

Crack The Sky / White Musicby Crack The Sky

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:56


1.Hold On3:00
2.Surf City3:55
3.Sea Epic6:34
4.She’s a Dancer3:55
5.Robots for Ronnie4:40
7.I Don’t Have a Tie3:12
10.Living With the Lights On2:55
11.Skin Deep4:17
12.White Music4:15
13.All American Boy3:21
14.Hot Razors in My Heart4:48
16.Techni Generation4:08
17.Songs of Soviet Sons5:08
Kenneth Evans
Crack The Sky is an amazing prog-rock band from Weirton, West Virginia. They became a darling of the critics, mainly due to their witty/scarcastic lyrics, excellent musicianship and sophisticated rock arrangements. The main problem was, they were signed to a small label that had poor distribution and promotion. This 're-issue CD' is actually their debut CD (1975) and their 4th studio CD (1980) combined on one disc. Both LP's are totally different in style & production. The big problem here is: the company that put this out omitted one of the best songs on their debut LP "Mind Baby". John Palumbo (lead vocals/keyboards) is the principle songwriter of the band, while bandmates guitarists Rick Witkowski & JIm Griffiths, bassist Joe Macre and drummer/vocalist Joey D'Amico held down a powerhouse instrumental music landscape for the songs. "Hold On" / "Surf City" medley starts their debut record in catchy, broken rhythms and sly lyrics. Actually every song on this LP is a masterpiece. "Sleep" ends the debut LP in an 'English' kinda way, with George Martin-esque string arrangements. "White Music" LP is a lot more 'basic' and pop-oriented, which is not a bad thing at all! Under the production of guitarist Rick Witkowski, Palumbo's songs really shine in a more 'accessible' way. "Hot Razors In My Heart" is a killer track that includes a blistering guitar solo by Witkowski. All and all, it's great music and a good beginning for a new Crack The Sky listener. Only got a 4 star because of the omission of "Mind Baby"