Cry Yourself A River mp3 Album by The Axis Of Awesome

Cry Yourself A Riverby The Axis Of Awesome

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:37


1.Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Sh*t?3:37
2.Close My Eyes 10:21
3.I Know How to Dance1:07
4.One in Three2:53
5.F*ck Yeah, Floppy Guys!2:18
6.In the Club Tonight3:28
7.Too Many Pillows, Not Enough Powerpoints0:17
8.King of the Hipsters3:08
9.Business Man2:09
10.Close My Eyes 20:22
11.Do They Know It's Pizza?3:52
12.Smoking's Cool2:26
13.Thank You Mum0:38
14.Rage of Thrones2:56
16.Plumage of a Man3:29
17.Close My Eyes 30:22
18.Man of the Match2:16
19.The Holy Trinity3:21
20.Lee's Track0:18
21.Ode to KFC1:58
22.Your Face Is So Familiar3:25
23.Can You Hear the F*cking Remix Coming Out of My Car?2:51