Cut (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Slits

Cut (Deluxe Edition)by The Slits

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:11:35


Disk #1

1.Instant Hit2:45
2.So Tough2:42
3.Spend, Spend, Spend3:18
7.Ping Pong Affair4:17
8.Love und Romance2:29
9.Typical Girls3:57
10.Adventures Close to Home3:26
11.I Heard It Through the Grapevine4:01
12.Liebe and Romanze (slow version)4:46
13.Typical Girls (Brink Style)4:20
14.Love and Romance (John Peel session 1977)2:26
15.Vindictive (John Peel session 1977)2:17
16.New Town (John Peel session 1977)3:30
17.Shoplifting (John Peel session 1977)1:30
18.So Tough (John Peel session 1977)2:18
19.Instant Hit (John Peel session 1977)2:32
20.FM (John Peel session 1977)3:35

Disk #2

1.I Heard It Through the Grapevine (demo)3:47
2.Instant Hit (8-Track demo)2:34
3.Spend, Spend, Spend (8-Track demo)3:29
4.Newtown (8-Track demo)3:39
5.Adventures Close to Home (8-Track demo)3:39
6.Instant Hit (Rough mix)2:44
7.So Tough (Rough mix)2:41
8.Spend, Spend, Spend (Toast version)3:20
9.Shoplifting (Rough mix)1:40
10.FM (Rough mix)3:54
11.Newtown (Rough mix)4:32
12.Ping Pong Affair (Rough mix)4:41
13.Love und Romance (Rough mix)2:29
14.Typical Girls (Rough mix)4:18
15.Adventures Close to Home (Rough mix)3:28
16.So Tough (outtake)1:39
17.Instant Hit (instrumental outtake)2:35
18.Typical Girls (instrumental outtake)4:02
19.Spend, Spend, Spend (dub version)3:18
20.In the Beginning, There Was Rhythm (Early version)5:53