D.Trance 11 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 11by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:52:42


Disk #1

1.Mood Swingsby Upserver9:56
2.It's a Dream, Part 1by Lady Tom7:23
3.Sky (Sun Mixx)by Cóndor7:15
4.The Promised Land (DJ Tibby remix)by Fraktal6:16
5.Genetic Codeby Gary D.6:49
6.Kiss That Soundby Pulsedriver6:08
7.World Outside (245 Internet Beats mix)by Robotronic Squad5:18
8.Get Up on Thisby Angel Beats6:22
9.Save the Whales (club mix)by Silent Harmony7:51
10.Broken (Fire & Ice remix)by Freebase8:18
11.Whorpby Nuclear Hyde6:28

Disk #2

1.Love Stimulation (Trance club mix)by Kay Cee7:56
2.Living in the Light (Trance mix)by Human Grooves7:32
3.Phuture VIbes (Kai Tracid mix)by Mellow Tracks5:41
4.Olmec Headsby Lift Off7:48
5.Outer Limits (DJ Snowman & DJ Mind X-remix)by Harem Doctors8:02
6.How Much Can You Take? (Didier Abel & DJ Spaxx remix) (and Jacques Dumondt)by Hitch-Hiker7:11
7.Strokeby San7:37
8.Dignified (Allan MC Loud mix)by The Highlander9:58
9.Ice Stormby Worms6:17
10.Simulation (extended version)by Plastic Angel5:52
11.The Spice (To short cut)by Arrakis4:05

Disk #3

1.Special Megamix By Gary D.by Various Artists1:16:39

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