D.Trance 59 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

D.Trance 59by Various Artists

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:05:55


Disk #1

1.Megalodon (Original Mix)by Marlo6:28
2.Are Am Eye (Pumping Remix) (and Antolini DJ)by Montorsi5:49
3.Amsterdam (Original Mix)by Ørjan Nilsen8:17
4.Soviet (Original Mix)by Harvey Anderson6:31
5.J'ai Envie De Toi (Original Mix) (pres. Gaia)by Armin van Buuren8:37
6.Romance Today (Original Mix)by Dominik van Francois4:22
7.Apocalypse (Chris Corrigan Remix)by Matt Davey8:01
8.Nordica (feat. K-391)by Ason ID6:25
9.The Sun (Re-Fuge Instrumental Mix) (and Refuge)by CJ Stone8:47
10.Enigma (Original Mix)by Ehren Stowers8:10
11.Vueltas Remixed (Dan Stone Remix)by Steve Brian7:41

Disk #2

1.Into The Night (Original Mix) (and First Breath)by Sky 95:37
2.Last Train To Moscow (and Bobina)by Richard Durand7:10
3.Moment In Noiseby Luca Antolini7:20
4.Earthlings (Original Mix)by ARS8:36
5.Immense (vs. Technikal Nomad)by Steve Hill6:40
6.Trouble (Radio Edit)by DJ Myde3:04
7.Atrhum (Q-Bass Remix)by Alejandro Yanni8:00
8.Toys (Club Mix) (and Betsie Larkin)by Giuseppe Ottaviani7:25
9.Just Confusion (Dark Mix)by Sunforce6:39
10.Attractive Force (Original Mix)by Alexander Popov7:38
11.Corsair (Original Mix)by Dima Krasnik7:04

Disk #3

1.Special DJ Mix By DJ Mydeby Various Artists1:16:51

Disk #4

1.The Cooler (Original Mix)by Klubb Stomper6:00
2.Let Hear It (Regeneration Mix)by Core Creator4:34
3.Last Of The Mohicans (Hardbass Intro Mix)by DJ Scott7:59
4.Cock Sucker (DJ Scott Rremix)by Klubb Stomper6:35
5.Push It Out (Club Mix)by Scam6:34
6.Machete (DJ Scott Remix)by Klubb Stomper6:04
7.Come Back (Original Mix)by DJ Nemesis5:37
8.Signs (Original Version)by Liquid Raver6:05
9.I Am The Creatorby Core Creator6:13
10.What Was It Likeby Core Creator6:24
11.No Matter (Original Mix)by Bum Rush6:05
12.Drop The Bassby Core Creator6:33

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