Day Of The Dead (Best Buy Edition) mp3 Album by Hollywood Undead

Day Of The Dead (Best Buy Edition)by Hollywood Undead

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:29


1.Usual Suspects3:47
2.How We Roll4:42
3.Day of the Dead3:53
4.War Child3:59
5.Dark Places4:40
6.Take Me Home3:48
8.Does Everybody in the World Have to Die3:18
10.Party by Myself4:11
11.Live Forever3:40
12.Save Me3:28
13.Guzzle, Guzzle3:40
14.I'll Be There4:01
15.Let Go4:16
17.Fuck The World4:09
I listened to Hollywood Undead as a kid all the time, and I loved them. My taste in music has matured a fair bit, but hearing these guys again was so cool. They've delivered with their new album for sure, however it does seem they have lost sight of their old sound and drive, which is slightly disappointing. That being said, some of the songs with a new sound are a lot of fun. They've done well, but their old sound will always be my personal preference.