Immortalized (Japanese Edition) mp3 Album by Disturbed

Immortalized (Japanese Edition)by Disturbed

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:24


1.The Eye of the Storm1:21
3.The Vengeful One4:12
4.Open Your Eyes3:57
5.The Light4:17
6.What Are You Waiting For4:04
7.You're Mine4:56
9.Save Our Last Goodbye5:00
10.Fire It Up4:06
11.The Sound of Silence4:08
12.Never Wrong3:33
13.Who Taught You How to Hate4:58
15.Legion of Monsters4:24
16.The Brave and the Bold4:34
I'm a huge fan of Disturbed!! I think this one of the best albums from them. I really love their spin on Simon and Garfunkel's version of the Sound Of Silence", but there is more to offer on this album. I alos heard the song "You're Mine" and "The Light" and so I have fallen in love with this album. I love David Draiman's vocals. And when I heard Sound of Silence, I realized how very melodic his voice really is and I was extremely impressed.

This ia an ablum worth listening to in my honest opinion.
My feelings on this album are pretty mixed. On the one hand, and despite the poor critical reception, Disturbed have shown some real ingenuity here with the writing of certain songs on this album. "The Brave & the Bold" instantly became a new theme-song for me. For even writing "Fire it Up" in the first place, on the other hand, I think this band needs a week in the stockades. What're you, braindead? Don't encourage recreational drug use! Also, metal bands just need to stop trying to cover "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. You will never succeed unless your intention was to suck and to annoy people.

Generally speaking, I find this album less predictable than others by Disturbed. Here's a bit on the songs I choose to keep from this album, and why...

"Immortalized" - The title track. This is written kind of like something I'd expect to hear in a musical whose topic is revolution, like a revolutionary hero's manifesto. Half call-to-arms, half prophesy. The guitars are ruthless and dynamic, and the drums keep-up nicely, neither taking too much attention away from the rest of it nor degenerating into the pitifully-simplistic repetitive two-to-three-hits that passes for metal drumming these days.

"The Vengeful One" - I wish Draiman would have left the "God" concept out of this. I'm so bloody sick of hearing people prop-up whatever they feel like doing with the concept of divine-right or being some kind of divine instrument. Judgement and wrath are human things, can we finally just wrap our heads around this? Revolution may be beneficial, may even be necessary at times, but it's we who decide to do it, not "God." That said, the melody is pretty decent, and those who love Disturbed's signature alt-metal a la reggae won't be disappointed.

"Open Your Eyes" - The first song on this album to REALLY impress me. The intro riff alone is crushing, although I wish they'd play it one or two more times in the song, which I would describe overall as a beautiful anthemic-anathema. The supporting/backup vocals in the chorus really make the energy of the song soar through the mind. This is one of at least two songs on this album that I would *highly* recommend. It's the sort of song that puts Disturbed at the forefront of public voices calling for change by way of human awakening, and we need all of that that we can get in society right now. Gotta get people's attention and inspire them to think.

"The Light" - The intro of this reminds me a little bit of 80's synth-pop, as odd as that sounds. It's not the greatest song on this album, let alone the greatest song by disturbed. But it's uplifting and has a nice message of taking another, more liberating (heh, le 'Disturbed' pun... =P) perspective on the suffering and struggle in your life.

"Never Wrong" - Pretty good song. Not OH MY GODS AMAZEEEENG, but deserves more notice than certain other songs on this album. It's got that classic reggae-metal flow that made Disturbed famous, and the rhythm is punishing enough to get me excited. It's good for a workout too.

"Legion of Monsters" - Another fist-pounding, diatribal battle-cry of a song. I love the intro, and this time they actually repeat that section enough times to make it satisfying. I like the balance of riffs to chords here.

"Brave & the Bold" - Finally, my favorite. It's too bad this song isn't on every version of this album, because it's some of Disturbed's most interesting and commendable guitar work, as well as having a very socially-necessary empowering, pro-self message. "Take the path that the weak ones demonize!" Couldn't have said that better myselves. This has a great guitar solo, too. Guitar solos these days are too short, but not this one. Even after it finishes, there's still some torrential instrumental work going on before the final chorus. This song is my newest theme song and I know it'll be a classic of mine for years to come if not for life.