DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1by Blake Neely

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:53


1.London 2166 / Set a Courseby Blake Neely2:52
2.You Are Legendsby Blake Neely2:47
3.Boarding the Waverider / Back in Timeby Blake Neely2:42
4.The Lieby Blake Neely2:32
5.Nuclear Missile Saleby Blake Neely3:16
6.Destiniesby Blake Neely3:43
7.Atom Goes Inside to Save Kendraby Blake Neely1:47
8.Leonard Goes Homeby Blake Neely2:08
9.Time Masters Offer a Dealby Blake Neely1:59
10.Russian Problemsby Blake Neely3:30
11.Broken Oath for Loveby Blake Neely2:49
12.Rory Betrays, Snart Handles Himby Blake Neely2:07
13.Things Get Batty / Left Behindby Blake Neely2:50
14.They're Not Coming Backby Blake Neely1:53
15.Rescuing Sara from Nanda Parbatby Blake Neely2:45
16.Tale of Oedipus Rex / The Hunters Are Comingby Blake Neely3:15
17.The Magnificent Eightby Blake Neely4:16
18.Enter the Pilgrim / Rip's Revengeby Blake Neely3:15
19.Jax Meets His Father / Mick Meets Himselfby Blake Neely3:03
20.Hawkgirl Fights Savage, Atom Fights Leviathanby Blake Neely2:59
21.Martin Sends Jefferson Awayby Blake Neely2:06
22.Escape the Time Mastersby Blake Neely4:38
23.At the Oculus / Cold Hard Sacrificeby Blake Neely3:14
24.Time Is Unmooredby Blake Neely2:00
25.Savage Meteoritual Fightby Blake Neely3:12
26.Sacrificial Trip to the Sunby Blake Neely2:53
27.Who's Up for More?by Blake Neely2:22