DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2by Blake Neely

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:36


1.Swashbuckling Through a French Chateauby Blake Neely2:14
2.Kidnapping Einsteinby Blake Neely1:51
3.Out of Time / Waverider Torpedoedby Blake Neely2:06
4.Meeting the Justice Society of Americaby Blake Neely2:34
5.New Captain Appointedby Blake Neely1:17
6.Uber-Naziby Blake Neely2:19
7.Nate Meets His Heroby Blake Neely1:35
8.Eobard Makes Some Society Changesby Blake Neely1:15
9.Shogunby Blake Neely1:33
10.Destroying the Suitby Blake Neely4:11
11.Mississippi, 1863 / Confederate Zombies!by Blake Neely2:24
12.The Worst of Humanityby Blake Neely3:08
13.Compromisedby Blake Neely2:07
14.Outlaw Countryby Blake Neely4:07
15.Invasionby Blake Neely4:51
16.The Chicago Wayby Blake Neely4:05
17.Stein Has a Secretby Blake Neely1:44
18.Ledger Returned / Amulet Stolenby Blake Neely2:00
19.Hollywood, 1967 / Breaking Rip Outby Blake Neely3:23
20.Legion of Doom / Rip Outsmartsby Blake Neely3:37
21.Turncoatby Blake Neely2:05
22.Always Been a Soldierby Blake Neely2:26
23.Camelotby Blake Neely4:19
24.Going Medievalby Blake Neely3:15
25.Dinosaur Whisperingby Blake Neely1:36
26.Gideon Always There / Rip Is Backby Blake Neely3:55
27.Not Afraid of the Futureby Blake Neely1:54
28.Fellowship of the Spearby Blake Neely2:59
29.Reversing Eobardby Blake Neely1:18
30.We Broke Timeby Blake Neely2:28