Decade (Compiled & Mixed By Spiritchaser) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Decade (Compiled & Mixed By Spiritchaser)by Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:23:32


1.Visions (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser7:45
2.Ever Increasing Circles (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser7:34
3.One Day (Spiritchaser Terrace Mix)by The Craftsmen8:28
4.Feel (Lazy Dub)by Spiritchaser7:05
5.Skyline (Mocha Remix)by Ruben Alvarez7:49
6.Inca (Original Mix)by Mocha7:04
7.Coast (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser6:48
8.In Your Hands (Vaults Dub Mix)by Spiritchaser7:37
9.Other Side Of Blue (Re-edit)by Spiritchaser6:32
10.Not Far (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser7:27
11.True To You (Pete Gust Remix) (feat. Orlando Vaughan)by K-Bana8:28
12.Pleasure Dome (Richard Earnshaw Remix) (feat. An-Tonic)by Andy Holder7:12
13.Diamonde (Spiritchaser Remix)by Asymmetric Soul8:04
14.Mellow Summer (Sole Unity)by Dave Horne & Leanne March6:39
15.Dancefloor Science (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser7:08
16.These Tears (Club Mix)by Spiritchaser8:27
17.I Have Seen (Club Mix)by Spiritchaser7:52
18.Lights & Stars (Original Mix)by K-Bana8:15
19.I Wonder (K-Bana Remix) (feat. Desy)by Mr. Moon8:32
20.Sueno Latino (Main Mix)by Spiritchaser7:36
21.Conch (Original Mix)by Spiritchaser7:54
22.Paradise Row (Extended Mix)by Spiritchaser7:17
23.You Got Me Singing (Spiritchaser Remix) (feat. Samantha Mogwe)by Groove Cartell7:25
24.Liftin Me High (Spiritchaser Dub)by Est8 & Emily Cook6:52
25.Tonight (Earnshaw's Deep & Modified Mix) (and Mike Scot feat. Chappell)by Richard Earnshaw6:08
26.Decade (Bonus DJ Mix)by Various1:15:34