Deep Down & Defected, Vol.2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Deep Down & Defected, Vol.2by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:57:57


1.Deep Down & Defected, Volume 2: Bonus Mix 1 (original mix)by Various Artists1:22:23
2.Deep Down & Defected, Volume 2: Bonus Mix 2 (original mix)by Various Artists1:07:10
3.Beg (Hot Since 82 Future mix)by Yousef6:51
4.Whiff It Yall (Eats Everything Resniff)by Jamie Jones7:37
5.Rise of Angel (Andrea Oliva remix)by Luciano8:14
6.Hot (original mix)by Flashmob7:15
7.Amame (Claude Monnet remix) (feat. Jei)by Intruder7:02
8.Love Changes (MK mix) (feat. Alana)by MK7:53
9.The Giver (original mix)by Duke Dumont6:30
10.Electricity (original mix) (feat. Anabel)by MK5:35
11.Let Me Tell You Something (Sandy Rivera & C. Castel's mix)by Sandy Rivera5:23
12.I Want Your Love (original mix)by Oscar G.8:33
13.So Long (original mix)by Larse6:04
14.Finale (original mix)by Luca Bacchetti8:13
15.Freak (Jimpster main mix)by Jimpster7:36
16.Proof (FCL remix) (feat. David A Tobin)by Stuffa9:43
17.I Want It (original mix)by Pablo Fierro6:04
18.Sunday Shoutin' (Robosonic rework)by Johnny Corporate7:04
19.Brown Dwarf (Hyena Stomp Red Giant remix)by Hyena7:58
20.Take a Chance (original mix)by Jovonn6:10
21.Let It Go (Charles Webster remix) (feat. Cathy Battistessa)by Charles Webster7:26
22.Child (original mix)by George FitzGerald6:37
23.Follow the Step (Kink Beat mix)by KiNK6:02
24.Stella's Way (Huxley remix)by Huxley7:03
25.This Is House (original mix)by Santé6:42
26.As I See (original mix) (feat. Bip)by HNQO6:35
27.Les Shonkettes (original mix)by Shonky6:54
28.Lifted (original mix) (feat. Andre Espeut)by Copyright5:46
29.In It Together (extended mix)by Human Life5:34
30.Love Me or Leave Me (Oliver $ remix)by Oliver $6:44
31.Holdin' On (original mix)by Zoo Look6:15
32.Control Me (Los Suruba remix)by S.K.A.M.7:01