Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018: Maximum Force mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018: Maximum Forceby Various Artists

  • 103 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:27:38


1.Defqon.1 2018 (Continuous Mix Red by Headhunterz & Wildstylez)by Various Artists1:17:06
2.Defqon.1 2018 (Continuous Mix Black by Andy The Core)by Various Artists1:18:02
3.Defqon.1 2018 (Continuous Mix Blue by Radical Redemption)by Various Artists1:07:31
4.Defqon.1 2018 (Continuous Mix White by Rat N Frikk)by Various Artists1:08:27
5.Maximum Force (Defqon.1 Anthem 2018)by Project One4:26
6.Guide Youby Sound Rush3:18
7.This Is Our World (and Atmozfears)by Noisecontrollers3:54
8.Through The Nightby KELTEK2:46
9.Bounce Like Thisby Wildstylez4:02
10.Primetimeby Primeshock4:00
11.Unbreakable (vs. DJ Isaac & Sound Rush)by Psyko Punkz3:11
12.No One Can Stop Us Now (with Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers)by Headhunterz3:50
13.We Don't Stop (Lights Out) (and Villain)by D-Block & S-Te-Fan4:11
14.March Of The Rebels (feat. MC Diesel)by Sub Zero Project3:01
15.You & Me (and Atmozfears)by Toneshifterz3:41
16.Our Church (and Sub Zero Project)by Headhunterz4:29
17.Children Of Drumsby Wildstylez4:08
18.Discover The Newby Audiotricz2:22
19.Don't Give Up (and Xense)by Jay Reeve3:25
20.Broken (Wildstylez Remix) (and Endymion feat. E-Life)by Evil Activities4:30
21.Twilight Zoneby D-Block & S-Te-Fan3:12
22.Our Soul (and Max Enforcer)by Bass Modulators3:36
23.It Feels So Goodby Devin Wild2:40
24.Home To You (and Will Sparks)by Toneshifterz3:57
25.Hard Knockin' Beats (2018 Edit) (and TNT)by Brennan Heart3:29
26.Lights (feat. Jonjo)by B-Freqz2:41
27.The XPRMNTby Sub Zero Project4:01
28.Real Warriorby Gunz for Hire3:57
29.Disto Disco (and X-Mind)by Andy The Core2:00
30.Dancing With The Devilby Reevoid3:19
31.Floor Lickerby The Melodyst3:20
32.Italian Psycho (and The Melodyst)by Andy The Core3:40
33.Zombieby The Sickest Squad3:56
34.Evokeby Art of Fighters2:37
35.Undisputedby Andy The Core2:14
36.Purpleby The Sickest Squad4:19
37.Something4 (and Freakon)by Andy The Core2:02
38.Partycrasher (and Andy The Core)by The Melodyst4:00
39.Get Ready (and A-Kriv)by F. Noize5:40
40.Brutal Methodby Andy The Core3:00
41.It's Just A MF (and Lenny Dee)by The Sickest Squad2:26
42.Hard Travelby The Melodyst3:08
43.I8U (and Andy The Core)by Lady Dammage4:53
44.It's Called XTC (and Billx)by Dr. Peacock4:04
45.Give Me (Meccano Twins Remix)by The Punisher3:02
46.Brutaleby Brutale3:08
47.Get It Crackin' (Sefa Remix)by Re-Style3:08
48.Oh My Coreby Radium3:48
49.Personal Demon (Andy The Core Remix)by The Melodyst3:14
50.About The Rageby Andy The Core2:01
51.Just Like Thatby Spitnoise4:37
52.Bank Robberyby Monkey Bizness2:21
53.Americaby Radical Redemption3:21
54.Start The Revolution (and Max Enforcer)by Digital Punk4:30
55.Brothers In Soundby Minus is More Crew2:00
56.Party At My Place (feat. Alee)by D-Sturb3:39
57.Out For Blood (Supremacy Australia Anthem 2018) (feat. Nolz & DV8)by Radical Redemption3:12
58.Feed The Flameby Chain Reaction3:41
59.Fuck The Average (and Nolz)by Crypsis4:12
60.The Darkest Momentby Radical Redemption2:58
61.Pessimal Evilby Minus Militia3:19
62.Alpha Rebel (and Nolz)by Act of Rage3:24
63.Satan's Playby Radical Redemption2:49
64.Nothing Can Hold Us Backby Digital Punk2:37
65.The Road To Redemption (Official Anthem) (feat. Nolz)by Radical Redemption3:57
66.Mindcontroller (and Luna)by E-Force3:00
67.Brutal 7.0by Radical Redemption1:52
68.Bounceby RVAGE2:52
69.Bring The Painby Minus Militia2:30
70.Let The Games Begin (and D-Sturb)by Act of Rage4:11
71.Day Oneby Warface3:55
72.Drop 'em Down (and Malice)by D-Sturb2:58
73.Kingpin (and Nolz)by Radical Redemption3:23
74.Break Your Jawby Radical Redemption4:01
75.Criminally Insane (Radical Redemption Remix)by Angerfist2:43
76.Vol Gas Met Die Bass (and D-Fence)by Crypsis3:51
77.Nocturnolz (vs. Angerfist & Nolz)by Radical Redemption3:49
78.Temperby Miss K83:42
79.Exorcismby Radical Redemption4:07
80.Sacrificeby Radical Redemption2:57
81.Not An 808by Rät N FrikK3:17
82.Hit The Skyby Ransom3:00
83.Marathon (and Anita Doth)by Jebroer3:18
84.Drop That Lowby Dr. Rude3:37
85.Make Me Bounceby Crisis Era2:37
86.Holy (feat. Micah Martin)by Kayzo & Slander3:50
87.Moon Love (feat. Nessly)by Boombox Cartel4:04
88.Millennial Kidby Rät N FrikK3:19
89.Beastmode (and Stoltenhoff)by Yellow Claw3:13
90.Wake Upby Vlado2:35
91.High Or Lowby Rät N FrikK3:07
92.Target Trainingby Primeshock3:24
93.1 2 Fireby Rät N FrikK3:03
94.End Of The World (Dr. Phunk Remix) (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)by Kaaze2:50
95.More Than A Dream (and Ransom)by Rät N FrikK3:42
96.Partystarter (Da Tweekaz Remix) (and Darren Styles)by Tweekacore3:30
97.Could Die (feat. Skinto)by Rät N FrikK4:09
98.This Is Special (and Sephyx)by Da Tweekaz3:35
99.Send 'em Homeby Lost Identity3:00
100.Dopeby Hard Driver2:42
101.Showtimeby Plug N' Play3:30
102.Running The Show (and MC Diesel)by D-Attack3:35
103.Wij Zijn Alles (Rat N Frikk Remix)by Jebroer3:21