Destroyer mp3 Album by KISS

Destroyerby KISS

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 34:29


1.Detroit Rock City5:18
2.King Of The Night Time World3:21
3.God Of Thunder4:17
4.Great Expectations4:25
5.Flaming Youth3:00
6.Sweet Pain3:22
7.Shout It Out Loud2:51
9.Do You Love Me?3:40
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Following their break-through album "ALIVE", expectations were high for Kiss' next release.

Flushed with their new-found success, Kiss had the finances and the marketability to take their next studio offering to new a level, capitalising on the momentum that they had built up.

In order to achieve this goal they enlisted seasoned producer Bob Ezrin (at the time famous for his work with Alice Cooper) to oversee their efforts.

Ezrin's dramatic, theatrical approach was the perfect match for Kiss' music and image. Ezrin's influence can be heard in the sound effects ("Detroit Rock City"), lush orchestral arrangements ("Beth") and left-of-centre instrumentation ("Flaming Youth": Harpiscord, "Great Expectations": Choir) that pervade the album, but also in the songwriting itself.

Ezrin identified and emphasised the first-person point of view that embodied the lyrics (King of the Nighttime World, God of Thunder) and expanded them into iconic rock and roll statements which cemented the Kiss characters in the hearts of their audience.

Destroyer is a work of art - rock & roll theatre at it's best - an essential album that you must hear before you die!

"Destroyer" is the forth studio album by Kiss (comprised of Paul Stanley on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ace Frehley on lead guitar, Gene Simmons on vocals and bass, and Peter Criss on drums) which was released on March 15, 1976. "Destroyer" peaked at number 11 on Billboard 200 and soon fell out of the list. The album is certified 2x platinum, which was the first Kiss album to go platinum, and was ranked as the 489th greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. Kiss released four singles which included "Shout It Out Loud" (peaked at number 31 on Billboard Hot 100), "Flaming Youth" (peaked at number 74 on Billboard Hot 100), "Detroit Rock City", and "Beth" (peaked at number 7 on Billboard Hot 100) in that order.
"Destroyer" was and has been referred to as the least interesting Kiss record of that time. But in my opinion, this album is the complete opposite. Their debut "Kiss" and "Dressed to Kill" were very generic. Although throughout the album, they do have very simple choruses which I dislike about Kiss. It was a very experimental album (mainly due to "Beth") that paved the way for Kiss into the mainstream.
Song ratings out of 5
1. "Detroit Rock City" - 5.0
2. "King of the Night Time World" - 3.4
3. "God of Thunder" - 3.7
4. "Great Expectations" - 2.4
5. "Flaming Youth" - 2.6
6. "Sweet Pain" - 2.3
7. "Shout It Out Loud" - 4.6
8. "Beth" - 4.8
9. "Do You Love Me?" - 4.0
10. "Rock and Roll Party" - No rating