Disraeli Gears (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Cream

Disraeli Gears (Deluxe Edition)by Cream

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:07:21


Disk #1

1.Strange Brew2:50
2.Sunshine of Your Love4:13
3.World of Pain3:06
4.Dance the Night Away3:36
5.Blue Condition3:32
6.Tales of Brave Ulysses2:50
8.We're Going Wrong3:30
9.Outside Woman Blues2:27
10.Take It Back3:07
11.Mother's Lament1:49
12.Lawdy Mama2:50
13.Blue Condition (alternate version)3:12
14.We're Going Wrong (demo)3:50
15.Hey Now Princess (demo)3:33
16.SWLABR (demo)4:34
17.Weird of Hermiston (demo)3:15
18.The Clearout (demo)3:56

Disk #2

1.Strange Brew (mono)2:52
2.Sunshine of Your Love (mono)4:14
3.World of Pain (mono)3:09
4.Dance the Night Away (mono)3:37
5.Blue Condition (mono)3:32
6.Tales of Brave Ulysses (mono)2:53
7.Swlabr (mono)2:36
8.We're Going Wrong (mono)3:28
9.Outside Woman Blues (mono)2:28
10.Take It Back (mono)3:09
11.Mother's Lament (mono)1:50
12.Lawdy Mama Version 1 (mono)2:04
13.Blue Condition (mono)3:13
14.Strange Brew (BBC recording) (mono)3:01
15.Tales of Brave Ulysses (BBC recording) (mono)3:40
16.We're Going Wrong (BBC recording) (mono)3:25
17.Born Under a Bad Sign (BBC recording) (mono)3:42
18.Outside Woman Blues (BBC recording) (mono)3:19
19.Take It Back (BBC recording) (mono)2:18
20.Politician (BBC recording) (mono)3:59
21.Swlabr (BBC recording) (mono)2:32
22.Steppin' Out (BBC recording) (mono)3:36