Divergent mp3 Soundtrack by Junkie Xl

Divergentby Junkie Xl

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:29:40


1.Trisby Junkie Xl7:48
2.The Testby Junkie Xl3:17
3.Choosing Dauntlessby Junkie Xl3:44
4.Capture the Flagby Junkie Xl3:07
5.This Isn't Realby Junkie Xl1:38
6.Ferris Wheelby Junkie Xl3:32
7.Erudite Planby Junkie Xl3:21
8.Fearby Junkie Xl3:36
9.I Am Divergentby Junkie Xl1:39
10.A Friendby Junkie Xl2:48
11.Conspiracyby Junkie Xl5:27
12.Watertankby Junkie Xl1:50
13.Faction Before Bloodby Junkie Xl6:48
14.Human Natureby Junkie Xl3:12
15.Final Testby Junkie Xl1:38
16.The Marchby Junkie Xl5:17
17.Dauntless Attackby Junkie Xl5:55
18.Sacrificeby Junkie Xl4:21
19.You're Not Gonna Like Thisby Junkie Xl14:00
20.Fight the Dauntlessby Junkie Xl4:14
21.Everywhere and Nowhereby Junkie Xl2:28