DJ's Choice 12: Julia Govor mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

DJ's Choice 12: Julia Govorby Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:12


1.A Regret (Felipe Valenzuela remix) (and Rashid Ajami)by Julia Govor9:40
2.Don't So No (Chris Lattner feat. Karina Junker remix)by Andrey Burtaev5:48
3.Butterfly (Monkey Fish remix)by Monaque6:38
4.Mermaid Song (original mix)by Korablove6:57
5.Vernon (Todd Bodine remix)by Sasse6:43
6.A Regret (Agraba remix) (and Rashid Ajami)by Julia Govor7:02
7.Deep Elements (original mix)by Dave Pad6:46
8.Bag of Bones (Nikitin remix)by Spieltape6:39
9.418 (original mix)by Mr Morek6:48
10.Guns Gungsters (Tantsui remix) (and Friga)by TrockenSaft6:34
11.My Heart (original mix) (feat. Coranny) (and Spieltape)by S!LK6:20
12.New Line (Agraba & Monkey Fish remix)by Jackethat6:28
13.Southwater (original mix) (and Yaroslove)by Technique6:57
14.Just Another Night (original mix)by yaaman7:20
15.Back in Time (original mix)by DZNB8:33
16.Reflections (Monkey Fish remix)by Melokolektiv & Konvex & The Shadow7:02
17.Jazz Has a Future (original mix)by yaaman6:27
18.Chilean Mantra (Subritual remix)by Simak Delitvin8:00
19.Doroga Domoi (Sunchase remix)by Alexey Arkhipovskiy5:48
20.Water (original mix)by Days of Funk3:42