Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD1by Various Artists

  • 58 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:35


1.Doctor Who (Original Theme)by Ron Grainer2:23
2.Doctor Who (Pilot Theme)by Ron Grainer2:05
3.TARDIS Exterior Hum and Door (original)by Brian Hodgson0:24
4.Entry into the TARDIS (full length version)by Brian Hodgson11:57
5.TARDIS Original Takeoff Sequenceby Brian Hodgson1:48
6.Doctor Who (Original Titles Music)by Ron Grainer2:09
7.Three Guitars Mood 2by The Arthur Nelson Group2:04
8.TARDIS Takeoffby Brian Hodgson1:25
9.Forest Atmosphereby Tristram Cary1:08
10.Skaro: Petrified Forest Atmosphere ("Thal Wind")by Brian Hodgson2:21
11.TARDIS Computerby Brian Hodgson1:08
12.Forest With Creatureby Tristram Cary0:55
13.City Music 1 and 2by Tristram Cary0:57
14.Dalek City Corridorby Tristram Cary2:02
15.The Daleksby Tristram Cary0:33
16.Dalek Control Roomby Brian Hodgson0:34
17.The Storm Continued (Susan Meets Alydon)by Tristram Cary2:38
18.The Fightby Tristram Cary1:03
19.The Ambushby Tristram Cary2:00
20.Rising Tensionby Tristram Cary1:17
21.Demented Dalekby Tristram Cary0:22
22.Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown)by Brian Hodgson0:19
23.Explosion, TARDIS Stopsby Brian Hodgson1:10
24.Sleeping Machineby Brian Hodgson0:53
25.Sensorite Speech Backgroundby Brian Hodgson1:11
26.The Chase (Music and Effects from the Soundtrack)by Dudley Simpson1:37
27.Dalek Spaceship Landsby Brian Hodgson0:17
28.Dalek Tracking Deviceby Brian Hodgson0:36
29.Dalek Spaceship Takeoffby Brian Hodgson0:48
30.TARDIS Landsby Brian Hodgson0:12
31.Chumbley (Constant Run)by Brian Hodgson0:28
32.Chumbley at Restby Brian Hodgson0:28
33.Marcheby Les Structures Sonores2:40
34.Chumbley Sends Messageby Brian Hodgson0:07
35.Chumbley Dome (Rises / Falls / Rises / Falls)by Brian Hodgson0:20
36.Chumbley Diesby Brian Hodgson0:12
37.A Strange Sicknessby Tristram Cary0:45
38.Kembel Iby Tristram Cary0:47
39.Daleks Iby Tristram Cary0:41
40.Activity on Dalek Ship Control Panelby Brian Hodgson0:46
41.Daleks at the TARDISby Tristram Cary0:25
42.Wall of Fireby Tristram Cary0:25
43.At the City Wallsby Tristram Cary0:37
44.Leaving Kembelby Tristram Cary0:22
45.The Experimentby Tristram Cary0:42
46.Invisible Creaturesby Tristram Cary0:51
47.Dalek Time Machineby Tristram Cary0:19
48.The Missing TARDISby Tristram Cary0:51
49.The Tombby Tristram Cary0:55
50.The Heart of the Mountainby Tristram Cary0:35
51.Growing Menaceby Tristram Cary2:08
52.The Time Destructorby Tristram Cary5:18
53.Excerpts from "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon"by Tristram Cary3:51
54.Transfer of Human Energy into Reserveby Brian Hodgson1:56
55.Energy Escapesby Brian Hodgson0:23
56.Space Adventure Part 2by Martin Slavin1:22
57.Cybership Interior Atmosphereby Brian Hodgson1:01
58.Machinery in TARDIS Goes Wild (Regeneration)by Brian Hodgson1:04