Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection, CD3by Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:07


1.Doctor Who: Opening Title Theme (1970)by Ron Grainer0:45
2.TARDIS tries to take offby Brian Hodgson0:32
3.Music from "Doctor Who and the Silurians"by Carey Blyton7:36
4.Outer Spaceby Brian Hodgson2:06
5.TARDIS Control On & Warp Transferby Brian Hodgson0:24
6.Blue Veils and Golden Sandsby Delia Derbyshire3:26
7.The Delian Modeby Delia Derbyshire5:32
8.Battle Themeby St. George1:02
9.The Master's Themeby Dudley Simpson0:44
10.Hypnosis Musicby Dudley Simpson0:35
11.Dover Castleby Dudley Simpson0:30
12.Keller Machine Appears and Vanishesby Brian Hodgson0:23
13.Keller Machine Themeby Dudley Simpson0:44
14.Axos Cell Interior Atmosphereby Brian Hodgson0:50
15.Brain Centre Atmosphereby Brian Hodgson0:17
16.Copy machine tickoverby Brian Hodgson0:17
17.The Axons Approachby Dudley Simpson1:46
18.TARDIS Landsby Brian Hodgson0:23
19.TARDIS Interior (Stationary)by Brian Hodgson0:56
20.TARDIS Interior (In flight)by Brian Hodgson0:55
21.Music from "The Sea Devils"by Malcolm Clarke5:25
22.Transfer Machine Arrivalby Brian Hodgson0:18
23.Music from "The Mutants"by Tristram Cary7:13
24.Doctor Who (Stereo version 1972)by Ron Grainer2:24
25.Doctor Who (Delaware version 1972)by Ron Grainer2:10
26.Time Lords Backgroundby Dick Mills1:20
27.Music from "Carnival of Monsters" Episode 1by Dudley Simpson3:35
28.Frontier in Space: Hyperspace Jumpby Dick Mills0:28
29.Music from "Frontier in Space" Episodes 1 and 2by Dudley Simpson5:39
30.TARDIS Malfunctions (sequence)by Dick Mills2:01
31.Exxilon City Beaconby Dick Mills0:54
32.Music from "Death to the Daleks" (Extended suite)by Carey Blyton10:27
33.Aggedor's Temple Atmosphere, Peladonby Dick Mills1:39
34.Music from "Planet of the Spiders" Part 2by Dudley Simpson2:44
35.Planet of the Spiders: Metebelis III Atmosphereby Dick Mills1:53
36.Doctor Who Closing Title Theme (1970)by Ron Grainer1:14